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If you have been given an argumentative research paper topic for your assignment, you might be worried about choosing a proper subject to impress your instructor. Unlike normal scientific topics used for analytical papers, argumentative ones test your skill of logic, reasoning and judgment. Here are a few sample topics to help you get started:

Current Affairs:

There is nothing better for an argumentative research paper topic than the constantly evolving field of current affairs. Writing on them is easier as you get new and fresh content. You can also frame the discussion ideas for your argumentative research paper topic based on certain questions and facts under people’s attention. It would help show your general awareness as well as creativity to work with far reaching issues. Some sample topics are:

• The face of war- a step forward or backward for humanity?

• The affect of political powers in ruining a nation

Social Scenarios:

While framing an argumentative research paper topic, you should look at the society all around you for inspiration. Many casual social discussions can make for an innovative approach to your paper. Such an argumentative research paper topic will not only make the assignment a lot easier to reference, it would also help you get in touch with your surrounding problems. Some examples are:

• Should teenagers be allowed more pocket money?

• The dark side of drinking and driving among the youth

Science And Technology:

If you think that you cannot frame an argumentative research paper topic on a scientific manner, you are surely mistaken. Science and technology can offer you the scope of multiple discussions, ideas and scenarios based on latest breakthroughs and controversies. An argumentative research paper topic based on such issues would increase your credibility to a great extent. All you need to do is to focus on one particular aspect of the argument. A few references are:

• The approach of the government regarding the issue of human cloning

• Advanced robotics- the key to the evolution of human life?

Sports And Entertainment: Some of the best argumentative research paper topic has come from the field of sports and entertainment. It is always on the front page for new and developing stories, drawing attention from everyone. You can choose the current hot topic or bring back a much debated issue for your research. Structuring an argumentative research paper topic around this field is extremely easy and rewarding. It would make a great impression on your instructor. Some examples are:

• Doping in sports- the reason for athletes to take such drastic measures

• The piracy battle: Who are the real criminals- File Sharers or Movie Studios?

You can find out lots of other interesting topics by your own efforts. As long as you stick to the proper format and guidelines, your paper should fetch you good grades. This could also help you take a break from complex analytical papers and show out your creative side to your instructor. Always keep in mind that an argumentative research paper topic is not always about the points you make, but the subject on which you choose to make the points.

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