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Every student finds it a bit difficult to work with argumentative research paper topics because it requires a lot more analytical and logical skills than a normal paper. The paper deals with a relevant issue that has two sides to a debate. A student is supposed to choose one side and highlight the reason for justifying his choice. You can come up with good research material if you choose the right topics. Here are a few sample ones to help you out:

Literature And Arts: Some of the most classic argumentative research paper topics come from this section. You can explore vast periods of development and compare elements that led to great novels and dramas. When working with such a subject, it is best to narrow your choice down to a period you are most familiar with to get proper materials. As you start to build your argumentative research paper topics, you can choose a particular façade of literature to guide you through the entire paper. Some sample topics are:

• Use of supernatural in dramatics- A structure of plot or a tool of effects?

• Is the Lady Of Shallot an artist’s fear or the expression of unchained creativity?

Current Affairs: If you want to focus on more relevant argumentative research paper topics, you can use the concept of current affairs to address the issues which affect us at large. This serves a dual purpose. Your paper can find lots of relevant research material from newspapers, journals and periodicals without much effort. You can also impress your instructor with your argumentative research paper topics that have a direct correlation with society. Some examples of topics for the paper are:

• The two sides of building a strategic foreign policy of a nation

• Should minorities be provided with more power in politics?

Sports And Entertainment: You can find lots of argumentative research paper topics when it comes to the field of sports and entertainments. You can talk about special sporting events, aspects or themes in movies, a particular genre of music and lots more. Such topics usually capture the attention of readers because it is always in the news. You can structure your argumentative research paper topics in a way that you present a topic in a new light, for a better reading experience. A few topics are:

• Vuvuzelas in FIFA World Cup 2010- A sign of culture or an annoying distraction?

• The Bieber fever- Is Justin Bieber the symbol of new age music culture?

Science And Technology: A common place to look for argumentative research paper topics is in science and technology, a field with limitless possibilities. You have the option of writing on new advancements, effects of a discovery or the common concerns about a certain practice. All argumentative research paper topics should focus on a problem that is a debatable topic at large to get better highlight for the paper. Some example topics are:

• The Apple way- Is Steve Jobs a visionary or just a clever salesman?

• Social Networking- Is it a boon or a curse for the new generation?

As long as you look in these key areas for your material, you can come up with interesting argumentative research paper topics that are sure to get you a good grade in your term papers.

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