Breanna’s Story

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How one young woman overcame her struggle with dyslexia.

Breanna was bright, but she struggled in school. Breanna came from a loving family, attended top schools, went through several special reading programs, was tutored extensively, yet by the eighth grade was still reading at a 2nd grade level.

Breanna tested with an average IQ yet she could not remember the multiplication tables. She was shy and could not engage in a detailed conversation. Her mom knew she would fail high school unless she did something drastic.

She had heard something about cognitive skills and wondered if that may be the problem. She researched the topic and felt hopeful that maybe she could find an answer if she could have Breanna’s skills assessed. She asked the school. The school refused to do the assessment so she went to a university and paid $1500 to have Breanna assessed.

Although the assessment was expensive, it was worth it. The assessment revealed that Breanna was dyslexic and provided specific information on why. Breanna had some very high skill scores but also some very low ones. This gave her an average IQ score but it also explained why she struggled with learning. She scored in the 2nd lowest percentile for working memory.

Armed with this information, the mom asked the school to fix the problem. The school provided Breanna with a 504 plan but that did not really address the underlying problem. It only provided some compensation strategies. She could retake tests, she was given less homework, etc.

The mom took matters into her owns hands again. She discovered a clinical program that trained cognitive skills. Breanna attended clinical sessions three times weekly for an hour each. Then the family had to do home training 2-3 hours a week. It was hard to stick with the regimen but they started seeing results fairly quickly. After three months they noticed a huge difference.

It took awhile to repair Breanna’s self esteem and catch up on academics, but Breanna graduated high school reading at grade level. She went on to succeed in college. This truly was an education miracle.

The mom shared this story with her next door neighbor, Gary, who is a social entrepreneur. She encouraged Gary to find a way to spread this good news so other families could avoid the frustration they had experienced.

Gary was very moved by this story. He first asked to interview Breanna so he could validate the story from her perspective. Breanna described how she felt dumb and how it affected her self esteem. When asked about the cognitive skill test results she said that it was life changing. It finally explained why she struggled and it gave her hope. It also got her mom off her back because now her mom understood that the problem was not because Breanna was not trying hard enough.

Gary approached the owner of the cognitive skill training company, Dr. Ken Gibson, and asked if there was a way to make cognitive skill testing and training more affordable and accessible for more families. The answer was yes, but only if the testing and training was converted to a computer-based program.

Gary teamed with the owner to create an affordable online cognitive skill assessment. They also converted the core cognitive skill training module to an internet-based program.

Now any parent can quickly discover the learning skill profile of their children and as needed take steps to correct any skill deficiencies.

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