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One of the most important aspects in an assignment deals with citing a research paper in the proper format. Many students do not properly refer their sources, creating lots of confusion at a later stage. You should avoid making such mistakes and give proper credit where it’s due. Here are some handy tips which you should remember during the assignment:

• A good paper has lots of references from various sources, hence citing a research paper is extremely important to test out the validity of your arguments.

• Before you start citing a research paper, you should do a check if all the sections have properly linked reference sources that have a smooth flow between them. It is essential to maintain the proper structure of a research paper.

• If you do not give proper credit, it can raise doubts in the instructor’s mind leading to below par grades. In extreme cases, not citing a research paper can lead you to face plagiarism charges and if proven, your whole paper might be cancelled making you fail in your term assignment.

• Every project should not have random citation spread throughout the sections. For the benefit of the instructor, you should create a separate section for citing a research paper, known as the bibliography. It should manage all your references so they can be accessed whenever required.

• When you start to create a bibliography, you must follow specific guidelines as issued by your instructor. Unless stated otherwise, the common standard for citing a research paper is to reference every single entry in alphabetical order. This makes for better understanding and clarity.

• You need to follow a strict pattern while citing a research paper in the reference section. Each entry should contain the name of the source or author and the name of the book or periodical from which the reference was taken. There should also be a specific date of publication provided for each entry in the section.

• If you are doing a specific theme or problem, certain authors and their contribution can be a lot more relevant than others. You can quote all of the key elements as part of your project reference before citing a research paper. While framing the bibliography, you must arrange multiple works of the same author in a proper chronological order. It helps maintain proper logical structure of the records.

• Each record must have its own distinct position and should not get mixed up with other references. The bibliography is primarily for all the references used in the analytical judgment. In case of footnotes or endnotes, there must be a separate section for citing a research paper specifically related to such references.

A research paper won’t provide you with good grades unless you work hard in all the sections. Among all, the bibliography and citation will always hold special importance to the instructor. If you want good grades for the term, citing a research paper should be your main focus during the completion of a project.

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