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Creating a controversial topic for research paper can be a challenging task for most students. You have to look across several resources for the best topics. Current scenarios are always a worthy effort, but you need to filter the worthwhile debates. If you select a proper topic with lots of potential, you can easily make your paper seem impressive to your instructor. All you need to do is to focus on finding your best interests. Here is a list of controversial topic for research paper from different avenues. It might help you get a head start on your paper.

1. Politics: It can easily be the source of controversial topic for research paper with strong arguments. You can use current world scenarios to validate your points. From corruption in governments to a biased leadership, there can be no better controversial topic for research paper than politics. Some topics are:

a) Is the law enforcement and taxation system of the country a fair procedure?

b) Should the government be allowed to monitor privacy for security purposes?

c) Is the lack of focused leadership a primary cause of governmental failures?

2. Sports And Entertainment: The glamour world of sports and entertainment provide the perfect setting of a controversial topic for research paper. You can focus on raging debates and scandals to write a scathing argument on your paper. The constant questions raised about both the industries can also be a controversial topic for research paper purposes. A few good topics are:

a) Are actors and professional athletes paid too much?

b) Should the media be allowed to expose the private life of entertainers to the public?

c) Are modern sportsmen relying more on steroids than their abilities?

3. Relationships And Education: Another controversial topic for research paper can be found through relationships and the education system. Both are constantly under criticism for a variety of reason and would form a great source of controversial topic for research paper allowing you to highlight major issues. A few topics are:

a) Are college admission fees too high on the common people?

b) Should students be allowed to grade and evaluate their teachers?

c) Does age still matter in modern day relationships?

4. Miscellaneous Topics: You can come up with other great controversial topic for research paper in several aspects of our life. They can range on a wide variety of subjects, so you can choose one that interests you. Some common topics could be:

a) Is the death penalty effective in reducing crime?

b) Should animals be used for cosmetic research purposes?

c) Do reality shows exploit young talents for the sake of ratings?

d) Should children be barred from playing violent video games?

e) Is the concept of gay marriage still acceptable in society?

There are lots of outlets which you can take while writing the paper. Such papers are easy to understand and comprehend while making for an interesting read. Just focus on an issue affecting your thoughts and create a controversial topic for research paper that is sure to fetch you good grades in your term.

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