Dyslexia Clinic

Kate Nayler, a specialist literacy teacher and educational psychologist, set up the Dyslexia Clinic in 2002 in Lancashire, UK. The Dyslexia Clinic offers various services to help parents who are concerned about their children’s performance in school.

Services offered by Dyslexia Clinic

# Consultations provided by the Dyslexia Clinic give parents of affected children the opportunity to discuss their worries with a certified educational psychologist. Their aim is to explain the reasons that are possibly causing your child to struggle in school, and to find ways to help them to improve and move on. If more help is required, the clinic explores the options that may be pursued at the next level. The children needn’t be involved in the consultations, but parents are asked to bring samples of their children’s school work at the consultation.

# Assessments: After the consultation, an assessment of the child’s literacy skills and cognitive abilities may be arranged at the Dyslexia Clinic, if it is thought that it would of further benefit to the child.

Assessments that involve a range of psychometric tests, which are similar to IQ tests, are offered at the Dyslexia Clinic. Additionally, the child’s reading, spelling and writing skills are analysed fully.

These assessments can be conducted at the Dyslexia Clinic or in school. The Clinic recommends that the assessment is carried out in school in complex cases.

# Workshops: The Dyslexia Clinic conducts workshops for parents who wish to be more involved in helping their children to learn.

One day workshops are conducted through out the year to educate parents on how they can ensure that the child receives the best and most effective help for his/her learning difficulties, and how the parents can help their child with his/her reading, writing and spelling difficulties and with homework.

In addition to this, the Dyslexia Clinic offers Open Courses of specifically designed workshops for parents in small groups.

The workshops are headed by Kate Nayler, Chartered Educational Psychologist who founded the Dyslexia Clinic.

The person who started the Dyslexia Clinic

Kate Nayler, educational consultant by profession, went to live in Lancashire in 1989 and spent 11 years working with children with various learning difficulties such as dyslexia, emotional behavioral difficulties, moderate learning difficulties, language and speech difficulties, in special, mainstream, primary and secondary schools.

She is acknowledged as an expert on dyslexia and advisor on related issues, and she advises parents on working out the kind of assistance needed by a child with learning difficulties.


Dyslexia Clinic has taken a new, innovative approach to literacy teaching for children who have difficulties with reading, spelling and writing by launching BoosterBooks. BoosterBooks are a combination of programs, assessments and tuitions which are based on the most recent research and experience in effective learning and teaching. These programs are available all over the country in or out of school.

Registered outreach teachers create challenging and stimulating opportunities to help children and youth learn through specifically designed programs which relate to the strengths and interests of the individuals so that learning is relevant and useful for them.

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