Dyslexia Lyrics

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Dyslexia Lyrics, a disturbing song describing the mental condition of a dyslexic person, was sung by rock singer Alice Cooper.

In Dyslexia Lyrics, Cooper begins the song by saying that she sometimes felt her world had gone upside down and sometimes she saw things backwards. When she went out walking, she couldn’t get back home because she saw things from right to left. We feel the lines in Dyslexia Lyrics are quite graphic descriptions of the sensory experiences of a dyslexic person. The words of Dyslexia Lyrics are a poignant rendition of the feelings of loneliness and helplessness experienced by a dyslexic, in which she talks about bumping into walls and stumbling around her house, and no one quite knowing what was wrong with her.

The subject of the Dyslexia Lyrics reminds us of the recent passing away of Stephen J Cannell, creator of A-Team television series and Emmy award winning producer, who died on 30th September at the age of 69. Cannell had also been a dyslexic, which he overcame to become a legendary television producer.

Other than A-Team, Cannel had produced dozens of TV series including 21 Jump Street.

Cannell died in his Pasadena home in California after suffering from melanoma related complications.

Cannell was a prolific writer, a famous television producer and also loving husband, father, grandfather and steadfast friend. He had been married to his wife Marcia for forty six years, and left behind three children and three grandchildren.

Cannell, a native of California, first broke into television when he wrote scripts for Ironside, It Takes a Thief and Adam 12. Later he created his own production company and made a series of top-rated programs. He had focused his energies on writing books in recent years, and his last and sixteenth novel The Prostitute’s Ball is due to be released shortly. He told Associated Press that he never considered himself to be a brilliant writer.

Cannell was also the producer The A Team film that was released in the earlier part of this year.

Cannell was a dyslexic, and he used to speak on the subject of his affliction. In the documentary film Dislecksia The Movie, Cannell was featured in an interview, where he spoke about his struggles and difficulties with dyslexia, and how he succeeded in becoming a writer and TV producer despite having problems with reading. In the interview, he has described how he would hire typists to tackle his “spelling problem” which is what he called his dyslexia, but he also said that he felt his condition had enriched him.

It seems Cannel had to frequently dictate his ideas and even full scripts to his personal secretary, according to an episode in Paul Harvey’s ‘The Rest of the Story.’

During his heyday as TV producer, Mr. Cannell was a familiar figure to viewers because they would see him at the end of his shows tearing a sheet out of his typewriter which would float away and form an animated letter C.

There were outpourings of condolences from television stars and fans on Twitter after he passed away.

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