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Dyslexia products are designed to improve multi sensory reading, spelling and hand writing. The teaching programs have been found to be highly effective and are believed to be ideal method of teaching for a dyslexic child. The program termed as “PAF” has wide spread usage in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. The resource pack has been specially created for tutors dealing with adult and child who are suffering from learning difficulties. The programs are used extensively in schools, colleges and higher education centers. Other well known Dyslexia products are the Visual Tracking Magnifier, the UTM Line Reader and the Optimum Eyes Task Lamp.

For Dyslexic adults, on-line spelling course has been designed and can be used for the age group ranging between teen years and adulthood. The Dyslexia product is not meant for young children since it caters to those who are having mild Dyslexia and for students who, after following the multi sensory programs, need help with other minor reading problems. The informative spelling tips are highly recommended by leading Dyslexia institutes.

Dyslexia products like the Phoneme Sequencing Program stimulate phonemic awareness which helps a Dyslexic person to become aware of facial expressions especially when a person is mouthing words that produces the speech sound. The awareness creates the means wherein the affected individual can verify sound within words and this feature greatly helps a Dyslexic person to overcome reading problems. Such types of Dyslexia products are time tested and aids in self correction of reading, spelling and elocution.

Some of Dyslexia products include educational resources for seven to thirteen years Dyslexic children. The use of multi-media for illustrating stories and poems largely helps the educators to teach their affected children. The fully illustrated children fiction with sample pages can be downloaded. Dyslexia products generally cater to those who are looking for resources and support for Dyslexic children and adults. The specially designed Dyslexia products are used by educators, speech/language therapists, tutors and even parents desirous of training their Dyslexic children.

Most of these Dyslexic products are based on games where detailed manuals instruct individuals about their proper usage. These Dyslexia products concentrate on developing pre-literacy and early literacy skills since the teaching manual instructs educators on how to teach alphabets, reading and spelling. The “Learning Staircase”, as the product is termed, is the leading software for imparting literacy and numeric to the Dyslexic individual.

Similarly, Dyslexia products like the “Phonic Word Builder” ensures that the Dyslexic child can hear, see, construct and use the 7,000 phonic segments. It helps them to learn vowels, consonants, compounds and many more. The software also helps in developing natural speech, animation and graphics that further enhances phonic awareness in word building and spelling. Language and speech therapists, special educators and research bodies jointly develop the educational products for Dyslexic children to enhance their motor skills, learning capabilities and social communication. The products are designed according to the specific requirements of the Dyslexic children and adults and their proper usage for considerable period of time ensures that the Dyslexia individuals speedily improves their reading, writing and computational skills.

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