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A wide range of Dyslexia programs have been designed to support Dyslexic learners so that they can read and enjoy a book without struggling. The Dyslexia programs and software have been extensively researched for correcting Dyslexia in adults and children. It is believed that such Dyslexia programs achieve around 90% success and helps the affected persons to overcome their learning problems.

People who suffer from Dyslexia think in pictures rather than in words. They are generally imaginative, creative and attempt solving problems by visualizing the entire picture rather than proceeding step by step. Most of the Dyslexia programs have been developed on the mental talents of Dyslexic persons. These programs help Dyslexic individuals to overcome their learning disability and their consistent usage as observed results in rapid progress.

Dyslexia programs based on “Davis Method” relies on visual and meaning-based approach that is easier for the Dyslexic person to learn and use. These programs are far better tools than the traditional methods enabling the students to speedily become fluent and capable readers. Few of the Dyslexia programs have created speech to text software. This is an ideal word processing support program which links to word processors and suggests spelling of each word. Similarly, the “Kurzweil 3000” is one of the greatest tools that benefits Dyslexic children.

These Dyslexia products enable the high school students to bring in library books and later scan and follow the material in consecutive periods. The students can also customize the programs and use bookmarks that can change the voice and speed which suits their individual taste. The products are also accompanied by CDs with other exercises for readers. The product, besides scanning text, can recognize, read and select voice options. It also has “highlighters” that are used to extract and assist in making notes from the text. It is also useful for summarizing the concept of the text. Such types of Dyslexia programs are an excellent asset for Dyslexic students.

Another of these Dyslexia programs is “Clicker 4” which allows personal computers to be set for automatic reading of the text. It is a great program for reinforcing the use of capital letters and full stops. It allows Dyslexic individuals to independently correct spellings and the person is able to listen to each word then select the word that appears most appropriate. This enables the Dyslexia affected person to work with greater independence and enhances their confidence level ensuring that the Dyslexic individuals can complete their tasks.

One of the most highly recommended programs is the “Dragon Naturally Speaking” tool which can turn a Dyslexic child’s speech into writing on the computer screen. This program is highly popular with Dyslexic teenagers and students. All Dyslexia programs are basically constructed by specialists with the intention of improving the overall capabilities of a Dyslexic affected person. They help in speech development, enhanced reading skills and tend to make the person confident and self reliant in their working arena.

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