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You should always look at an example of a research paper during your assignment so you do not miss out on the various guidelines and format that you have to maintain in your paper. If you are organized from the beginning, you will get your work done much before the scheduled time. Here are a few simple sections to help you get started:

1.Choose Your Topic Carefully:

It is extremely important that you go through the example of a research paper to look for relevant topics. Old and overtly used topics do not have much scope for new possibilities and would fetch you poorer grades. Try to come up with a topic that has plenty of research material and scope of new ideas allowing you to explore your creativity. A thing you should remember is that your research topic should be relevant to your field of study and have a positive impact on the society at large. You can find many such topics in the example of a research paper to help you get started.

2. Follow Numbering And Formatting Guidelines:

Once the topic based on the example of a research paper has been chosen, you need to look at the way your paper has to be designed. The entire paper should be double spaced with an one inch margin on all sides. Numbering should be done on the top right hand corner in simple fashion without any decorative lettering or design. You can also see the example of a research paper and follow the traditional Arabic numeral system of numbering. The font used in the paper should be legible and have a default font size of 12 unless specified otherwise by your instructor.

3. Cite Your Sources Properly:

You would want to avoid plagiarism charges at all costs after building a proper hard working research paper. In order to credit all your sources, you should see the example of a research paper for the format of a bibliography. It is a special section where all your sources are referenced in alphabetical order. When you are following the example of a research paper, you should mention three things in each reference- the name of the author, name of book or periodical and the date of publication.

4. Develop A Professional Presentation:

The final touch of building your project using example of a research paper lies in the presentation. Your project should have a proper index for navigation of content. The cover page should include your name, name of the project along with the course. The binding should be stable and you should use clean white paper for a more furnished look. According to the example of a research paper, presence of facts, figures and tables can add more credibility to a project.

It takes time and focus to build a paper that is customized based on your needs. However, if you have the proper resources and helping tools the entire procedure becomes extremely easy to handle. Whenever you have to work on an assignment, you should always consult example of a research paper to give your paper and your grades a distinct edge.

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