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Many students search for examples of a research paper before starting with their assignment. The reason is that most term papers need to follow a strict guideline or code to get approval based on professional standards. A research paper might be good in content but cannot stand out unless it has followed the proper instructions. If you are having problems creating your paper, here is a basic example of the format to help you out.

Page Numbering And Layout:

Any good examples of a research paper would tell you the importance of proper numbering and spacing in such projects. You need to create a proper margin. The left margin should be half inches while the right, top and bottom margins should be one inch each from the paper. As per the examples of a research paper, numbering of pages should be done on the top right hand corner. It should be written in Arabic numerals and should not have any decorations.

Spacing And Fonts:

When you consult the examples of a research paper, you would see that the entire paper has to be double spaced, expect for long quotations and bibliography. They are single spaced in nature. There should be the gap of a single line between a section heading and underlying text. A font which is clearly legible even in contrast should be chosen. If you follow the examples of a research paper, you should keep 12pt as your default font size, unless specified otherwise.

Source And Reference Citation:

Any good project uses lots of sources during the analytical discussions. Quoting the proper examples of a research paper, you should cite each source individually to avoid any charges of plagiarism. You should keep a comprehensive bibliography where all the references should be credited in alphabetical manner. Each reference should have the name of author, name of the book or periodical and date of publication. According to examples of a research paper, you can cite multiple works of the same author. In that case, all the works of that author must be referenced in a chronological format.

Title, Indexing And Conclusion:

After you have finished with the content, you need to present your project in a professional standard. Based on the examples of a research paper, your project must have a well defined index linking all the contents. This would help the instructor navigate through your project in a smooth and easy fashion. A proper title should define the primary problem statement briefly. The conclusion is kept for summarizing the findings and stating its importance to the problem and to the world at large. If you look at the examples of a research paper, you would see that each project has a cover page. It consists of your name, date, the name of your instructor and the course code for the project. It gives a professional feel to the paper.

It is very easy to create the contents once you understand the proper guidelines and format you need to use while working on the project. As long as you consult examples of a research paper, you should be able to impress your instructor with a top notch project.

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