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There is always a lot of debate regarding the format of research paper among students. It is a professional assignment that determines term grades, so you need to handle it extremely carefully. If you get confused regarding the pattern and guidelines, there are always lots of guides to help you out. Here is a brief description of some key elements.

Title And Indexing:

The first impression that the format of research paper gives to your instructor could make all the difference. The title page should be extremely neat and professional. The cover page should include your name, the project topic and course number. You should not include irrelevant information and keep the layout as minimal as possible. Indexing is another important aspect of the format of research paper. You should have a proper content index that links the important sections of your project.

Page Numbers And Margins:

The highlight of any format of research paper is its professional layout. You should include a margin on all four sides of the paper and maintain it throughout the project. The default font size should be 12 unless it is specified by your instructor. The font should be legible and contrasting when used in bold or italics. When you are going through the format of research paper, you should include specific page numbers on the upper right hand corner of each page. Arabic numeral is preferred and there should be no decorations of any kind.

Content Analysis And Diagrams:

The heart of the format of research paper lies in your analysis of the content. You must provide exhaustive arguments regarding each of your hypotheses. The arguments must be referenced by literature, facts or sources that validate your claims. While framing an argument, the format of research paper must be supported by diagrams, facts and tables. They should be properly labeled and have direct significance with the present course of discussions.

Citation Of Literature:

Any proper format of research paper shall have lots of reference sources to provide credibility to the discussion. You can have as many sources as you want provided you cite them properly in the end. This would show the depth of your research and avoid plagiarism charges. You must make a bibliography in the end to cite your literature. According to the format of research paper, all references must be arranged alphabetically. Each reference must contain the name of the author, name of book or periodical and date of publication. In case you have multiple citations from the same author, you must list them in proper chronological order.

The entire concept of a research paper might end up taking a lot of your time. However, if you approach it in an organized and properly formatted fashion, you would finish your paper much before the scheduled date of submission. A well researched, content oriented paper is always impressive and if it follows the guidelines then it is a sure winner. All you need to do is to stick to the format of research paper and watch your grades soar.

Research Paper