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Coming up with history research paper topics is difficult for students. Many do not focus on history as a primary subject. A research paper needs a well thought out topic that can explore a lot of possibilities. History seems stagnated in its own time period with less scope for arguments. However, if you are creative, you can come up with lots of history research paper topics for your term. You can choose several aspects of history to design the core topic of your paper. Once the paper is created, a proper topic can raise the standards of your paper.

1. Ancient History: The marvels of ancient history make for great history research paper topics among students. They allow you to focus on civilizations and their development. You can also use the history research paper topics focusing on their contribution to modern society. Some topics are:

a) The causes of the fall of the Roman Empire

b) Comparing the role of women in ancient Rome and Greece

c) Role of technology in ancient kingdoms

d) A discussion on the religious beliefs of the ancient Mayan kingdom

2. American History: It is a vital source of most history research paper topics submitted by people. It can help you learn more about the struggle for freedom, colonialisation or the founding forefathers. You can use the vast directory of events to choose one that makes for interesting history research paper topics and good grades. Some common titles are:

a) The creation of Bill Of Rights and the US constitution

b) The assassination of Abraham Lincoln and its effect on the county

c) The Vietnam War and how it changed the face of politics.

d) Was there any need to impose war on Iraq and Afghanistan?

3. World Revolutions: Some great history research paper topics come from world revolution. You can focus on power struggles in various parts of the world and how it ended up shaping history for different regions. It can also help you organize the biggest events while choosing history research paper topics for your project. A few good topics are:

a) How did the French Revolution shape a new direction of government?

b) A look at how World Wars changed the course of history.

c) The importance of Spanish conquests in global colonization.

d) Nationalism and its impact in various countries of the world.

4. Famous Leaders And Conquests: You can always use famous leaders and their role in history to penn great history research paper topics for class. It would even help you understand their charisma a bit more. Some topics are:

a) Napoleon And The Battle Of Waterloo

b) Role of Alexander the Great in shaping world history

c) The dark side of history with Adolf Hitler

d) Mahatma Gandhi and the role of peace in freedom.

Once you have a stimulating topic at hand, you can prepare a great paper for your term. History might sound challenging at first, but a wide variety of history research paper topics can help you find a creative idea for your term paper.

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