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It is often difficult to come up with the right ideas for a research paper when you have to submit an important term assignment in a short span of time. If you take time to sit and think about it, you will find lots of new areas to explore on your field of study. Before you choose a topic, you need to decide on what type of a research paper you are going to submit. Here are a few sample ideas to get you started on your thoughts:

Problem Solution Format: It is one of the most widely followed ideas for a research paper among students of a scientific community. It involves defining a problem affecting society at large and using analytical and research tools to come up with a comprehensive solution. Such ideas for a research paper involve lots of discussions supported by facts and references. You might have to work extra hard on this one, but it can guarantee good grades. Some common topics on the format are:

• Addressing growing security concerns on the internet for users

• The ethics and moral debates regarding application of genetic cloning

Narrative Format: Many ideas for a research paper revolve around choosing an interesting subject and building a proper and well structured narrative. In such cases you should focus on all the aspects of the contents, exploring the different possibilities that may arise. While working on ideas for a research paper, you should always go for a topic that provides you sufficient research material to help you work on your analysis and paper submission. Some examples are:

• The effect of globalization on everyday lives

• Role of the individual in an Utopian society

Comparative Format: If you want to narrow down your ideas for a research paper, you can always work on different comparisons as your primary theme. It gives you the opportunity to focus on specific instances to go deeper into the subject. Such ideas for a research paper are essential for the student to develop a sense of logical understanding. You can take help of lots of references to initiate multiple, open ended discussions in your paper. Few sample topics are:

• A comparison between the romanticism of Shelly and Keats

• A comparison between the physical and inner beauty of an individual

Argumentative Format: Among all the ideas for a research paper, students can use this format to strongly express their opinions regarding a given topic. You can focus on a particular concern and voice your argument for or against the proposition with proper logical references. It is always good to work on such ideas for a research paper as they sharpen your analytical and contextual skills. You can impress the instructor if you choose the right subjects for your paper. A few examples for the paper are:

• Should animals be used for cosmetic testing purposes?

• Video games: A component of leisure or a medium of abuse?

Forming research paper topics can become extremely easy if you focus on the right areas for your subject. You just need to ponder on the ideas for a research paper to come up with unique and creative discussions that can fetch you the desired grades.

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