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One of the toughest decisions a student has to take is to select literary research paper topics for his term assignment. Most scientific papers follow a clear pattern of understanding and logic, but literature is more about perception and creativity. If you come across such a project for your terms, here are some key topics to help you out.

Women In Literature:

It forms one of the most interesting literary research paper topics chosen by students. In the era of male heroes and protagonists, women too had a significant part to play in literature of the world. You can focus on characters, their struggles or a theme to validate your argument. Such literary research paper topics allow you to go deep within the subject and provide a clear insight to all the readers of your paper. Some examples are:

1. Role of Pegotty in shaping David’s childhood in Dickens’ David Copperfield

2. Miranda as a woman of independent thoughts in Shakespeare’s Tempest

Romanticism Through The Ages:

You won’t find literary research paper topics as exhaustive as this. It offers a broad scope of arguments, allowing you to compare and contrast different timelines. When you choose literary research paper topics, romance always makes a positive impression on the readers. Some common examples are:

1. The unchained passion of love as portrayed in Shakespeare’s Romeo And Juliet

2. Lucy as an innocent figure of natural romance created by Wordsworth

Character Transformation Of The Protagonist:

Many novels that you choose for your literary research paper topics have distinct character transformations that shape the content of the story. It is important to focus on such transitions as they define the character sketch and the objective of the story. You can individually focus on this section for your literary research paper topics so you come across some great material like:

1. The multiple transitions of Silas in Eliot’s Silas Marner

2. Character changes of Hamlet as a result of many dilemmas

Symbolism And Its Effects:

Any reference to symbolism makes for great literary research paper topics as they show your perception and extensive research. The use of setting and events has always been projected through symbolism to create a sense of mystery and dramatic effect. You can talk about imagery, subtle hints and any forms of literary device that acts as a focal point for the development of story. Such literary research paper topics are greatly appreciated. You can pick one like:

1. The symbolism of the “eye” in “The Tell-Tale heart”

2. The hands as a symbol in Hemingway’s The Old Man And the Sea

You can always broaden your thoughts and choose your own journey through the world of literature. You need to follow the guidelines but the content can be the identity of your inner creativity. If you have the proper resources and materials for your topic, you can create a compelling read about the effect of literature. When you are asked to deal with literary research paper topics, remember to explore new places and develop new ideas for the best results.

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