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One of the most difficult things for a student is to search for literature research paper topics for his essay. The subject of literature has limitless possibilities and directions. It is quite difficult to come across proper subjects that address a particular discussion. You can use your creative ideas and see the following topics for reference.

• Classical Age Related Topics:

When you are choosing proper literature research paper topics, a common choice made by all students is to select a specific age like the Victorian or Elizabethan age. It helps in providing a distinct direction to your project. You can select your favorite from a wide variety of literature research paper topics, some common ones being:

1. The role of women in the plays of William Shakespeare

2. Evolution of poetry and novels in the Victorian Age

3. A look at the ornamentation of language in classical literature

• Theme Oriented Topics:

Another wise selection in literature research paper topics would be to work with a particular theme. You can look at famous novels and poems, focusing on their central theme or message. It would allow you to engage in a lot of discussions and help draw conclusions. When you are selecting literature research paper topics, theme based ones can give you a clear outline of your project. Some sample topics are:

1. The satire on Russian Revolution in the Animal Farm

2. The escapism of humans and nature as portrayed in Wordsworth’s Lucy

3. Silas Marner as a scathing commentary on human relations and bonds

• Bibliographical Works:

Bibliographical works are one of the easiest choices made by students while selecting literature research paper topics for their project. It narrows down the subject matter to a great extent. You can fully focus on a certain author or poet and their contributions. It would make for some great literature research paper topics, allowing you to utilize your creativity to the fullest. A few topics are:

1. Charles Dickens and his portrayal of human life through novels.

2. Shelly and Keats as the pioneers of romantic poetry

3. The critique of morality principles in Shakespearean plays

• General Literature:

If you do not feel like narrowing your prospects, you can choose your literature research paper topics on a general basis. Papers on appreciation or criticism of certain aspects of literature could be highlighted. You can make sure that your literature research paper topics would be appreciated by your instructor with a few sample topics below:

1. Fall of tragic hero in Elizabethan dramas

2. The face of changing society as seen through evolving works of literature

3. Defining the element of the supernatural in literary works

If you can choose a topic that interests you and has lots of potential, feel free to make it the core subject of your paper. It would help you present the discussion in a proper manner, making an interesting read. As long as your literature research paper topics are properly set, half of the pre submission hassles are already over.

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