Literature Review Research Paper

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You have to follow proper presentation outlines so your topic comes across as well researched. You can find this type of papers a bit easier as compared to your general term papers. However, a proper format for the paper is essential. You will primarily be dealing with gathering of sources and discussions. It is important that you maintain an organized layout of your literature review research paper for future needs. It can help you avoid a lot of last minute hassles.

1. Sources: As you start writing your literature review research paper, you would realize that you need sources to validate your argument. Without the proper references, your paper would seem scattered in opinions. If you are going for a more general format, sources would help you highlight your subject matter. One of the most important steps of any literature review research paper is to gather and check your sources properly. Keep a record of all information and arrange them by a timeline. Look deeply at how can each source be put in the paper so the point comes across as convincing.

2. Working Thesis Statement: Once you have narrowed down the subject for your literature review research paper, you have to decide on a proper direction. Unless you know your core subject for the paper, you cannot focus on it. A topic on literature can branch into several subtopics and discussion. Prepare a proper working thesis statement for your literature review research paper. This statement would indicate the basic purpose of the paper so you know which route to follow. It should be precise and easy to understand so you do not run into confusions at a later stage.

3. Scenario Based Layout: Now that your paper has a fixed target, it’s time to work on the framework of the paper body. The best way to write a literature review research paper is to structure the body based on the scenario. If you are writing on a certain critical analysis of a theme, you should focus on giving the theme central importance in your paper. You can also create several timeline based topics for your literature review research paper so you can provide relevant sources in a chronological order. Ultimately, the choice lies with you and your preferences for the topic.

4. Presentation And Titling: After the body has been prepared, you need to arrange the papers in the proper format. Your literature review research paper should contain lots of references and sources credited in separate pages. A strong bibliography is very important. The cover page should look neat and contain all the essential information about the paper. Proper indexing and summarizing are key areas which need to be revised over and over again before submitting the final draft.

If you write your literature review research paper correctly and with confidence, you would surely improve your grades in the present term.

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