Orton Dyslexia Society

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Orton Dyslexia Society is the former name of the present day International Dyslexia Association or IDA. The IDA is an advocacy and education organization that works on issues related to dyslexia. It is a non profit organization and its base is in Baltimore, in Maryland, USA.

The Orton Dyslexia Society, or IDA, helps people with dyslexia and their families and professionals working in the field of dyslexia. It has forty plus branches in the USA and Canada and partnerships with the Czech Republic, Brazil, The Philippine and Israel and 13000 members and a Board of Directors who are all volunteers.

The IDA’s website contains useful information on dyslexia for all who need them. It publishes Annals of Dyslexia, a scientific journal, newsletter updates for its members, offers referral services to professionals and individuals, promotes the rights of people with dyslexia through the Federal legal systems and arranges funding for the purpose of research on developmental, neurological and educational issues in connection with dyslexia.

History of the Orton Dyslexia Society

The Orton Dyslexia Society was founded in 1949, with the mission to continue Dr Samuel Orton’s work on the prevention, treatment and study of dyslexia.

Samuel Orton (1879-1948) was an American physician who was the first to examine and study learning disabilities. He is remembered for his pioneering work on the treatment and causes of dyslexia.

Dr Orton’s main contribution to education is his idea of multisensory teaching, in which he integrated movement and sensory based learning strategies while teaching auditory and visual concepts.

Dr Orton later started working with Anna Gillingham, a psychologist, who created a systematic approach to teaching through phonemes or letter sounds. After Dr Orton’s death in 1948, his name has been associated with the Orton-Gillingham system of teaching, which has remained the basis of the most widespread method of tutoring and remediation for dyslexic children or children with other symptoms related to reading disabilities.

About the IDA, or Orton Dyslexia Society

The Mission of the IDA, or Orton Dyslexia Society, is to concern itself with all issues relating to dyslexia. The members of this organization consist of professionals who are in partnerships with a variety of people with dyslexia and with their families, and other people who are interested in the Association’s work.

The Association believes that each person has the right to achieve his/her full potential and that it is possible to strengthen the learning abilities of each person, and educational, social and cultural barriers to learning and using language must be eliminated.

The Association constantly endeavors to promote effective teaching methods and educational intervention strategies to help people with dyslexia. It encourages and supports interdisciplinary research. It facilitates the examination of causes and identification of dyslexia and the widest possible spread of knowledge based on research.

The purpose of the IDA, or Orton Dyslexia Society

The purpose of the Association is to provide the fullest possible range of services and information to address dyslexia in all its scope and other related learning difficulties, to build hope and opportunities for the concerned people.

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