Orton Gillingham Reading Program

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Orton Gillingham reading program, a multi sensory method for instructing language was developed by neurologist Dr. Samuel T. Orton and educator Anna Gillingham. The time tested reading instruction has an expanded multi sensory approach that benefits every learner. This method of reading instruction has been successfully implemented over a decade by the educators to assist children in their reading prowess.

The effective reading program increases the phonemic awareness of the learner as well as enhances their phonics, vocabulary development, language fluency and comprehension skills. The Orton Gillingham reading program allows educators to implicitly instruct the learners on key areas, as specified above. This learning process simultaneously strengthens the skill sets of the learners. The trainers are also provided with monitoring tools for assessing the progress and evaluating the learners’ individual needs.

Orton Gillingham reading program is designed in such a unique manner that any educator can integrate the program into the learners group which could be small-scale or mega-scale. Orton Gillingham reading program is also tailored for one-to-one language instructional time frame which has a minimum duration of 30 minutes. This reading program provides educators the tools and skills that ensure success for every student.

The comprehensive Orton Gillingham reading program is popular with educators since the techniques assess the outcome of students’ results. Individual students can be tested on both phonetic sounds in isolation and words. Most of the participating students who are taught through Orton Gillingham reading program techniques were enrolled in kindergarten through 5th Grade. The results revealed that Orton Gillingham reading program ensured students’ enhanced phonic reading skills at every level over their school years.

The post test scores also indicated a remarkable higher aggregate in comparison to their pre-test scores. This evaluation implied that the implementation of Orton Gillingham reading program prepared students for the next grade level better than the other techniques that had been previously introduced by the teachers. The importance of teaching meaningful language helped the students to decipher unfamiliar words. Even the special education students benefited from Orton Gillingham reading program since their test scores, after implementation of this education program, appeared to be at par with their peers in general education.

The results of Orton Gillingham reading program demonstrate the value of its methodology on both special and general education students. The reading program is a mere segment of comprehensive learning program and the practices when implemented show that they have the potential for enhancing the district elementary school students’ reading skills. Though the program was originally devised for teaching dyslexic children but it was found to be beneficial for all learners. The focus of the reading program is to develop each student’s visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning pathways. This maximizes the child’s capacity to attain mastery over language skills and also increases their retentive abilities.

Reciprocal teaching, another facet of Orton Gillingham reading program, increases the students’ comprehension skills so that they understand the text while reading. This structured and balanced approach enables the learners to capitalize on their strengths while it facilitates educators and teachers to nurture reading skills.

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