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Orton Gillingham training instruction includes strategies that help in developing phonemic awareness in emerging readers. It enables readers to analyze, combine and connect the smallest sound emission with letters. Orton Gillingham training emphasizes on mastering the skills that help in building a strong learning foundation and also enhances authentic literacy. Teachers and special educators who have been inducted in Orton Gillingham training have acquired a strong understanding of the basic structure of language and have gained the requisite tools to pass that understanding on to their students.

Orton Gillingham training program includes guidelines for weekly lesson plans, teaching assessment materials and a comprehensive training manual. The response of teachers who have experienced Orton Gillingham training has been overwhelming positive since the educators claim that the training program is unique and when implemented on students have yielded astounding results.

Orton Gillingham training offers a wide range of programs for teachers, administrators and parents in schools located across the nation. The training program ranges from 16 hour core training to a comprehensive 30 hour program and refresher workshops for producing proficient readers. The Orton Gillingham training program is committed to work on these issues till the students are accomplished readers. The training program is useful for teaching special education children or for those teachers who work with “at-risk” children.

The Orton Gillingham training course can be fully integrated into the existing curriculum of general education class room ensuring that all students are exposed to these training strategies and benefit from its learning methodology. The Orton Gillingham training plan also provides instructions and techniques for teachers of older students and those who are planning for high school. Auxiliary training programs for educating and training parents are also available.

The Orton Gillingham training syllabus is designed to provide educators the knowledge and skills necessary for achieving success in academic fields. The teachers benefit from the dynamic and informative concepts of Orton Gillingham training as the hands-on program is designed to demonstrate successful strategies for implementing a multi sensory reading method. The training concepts include the following:

• Multi sensory, sequential and phonemic encoding and decoding instruction.

• Multi sensory techniques for “sight words”.

• Current research developments.

• Classroom adaptation and the implementation of multi sensory techniques into current curriculum.

The 16-hour core Orton Gillingham training course is designed for classroom teachers. The educators/teachers learn about:

• Phonemic awareness.

• Syllable pattern to assist in decoding and encoding.

• Multi sensory techniques for “sight words”.

• Multi sensory strategies for reading, writing and spelling.

The Orton Gillingham training plan also provides instruction materials comprising of manuals, syllable division cards and words dictionary. The 30-hour comprehensive program enables the teachers to understand Orton Gillingham training techniques and orients them to implement the tools in their existing curriculum. Besides learning about phonemic awareness, the training manual also includes reciprocal teaching methods for reading classes, informal assessment and multi sensory strategies for reading, writing and spelling. The course content is also designed to include classroom discussion and adaptation for balancing the training program with the current curriculum. Parents can also become active participants in their child’s learning process through the sensational strategies of Orton Gillingham training program.

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