Outline Of A Research Paper

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Most students look for the outline of a research paper before they start with their projects. Academic writing is important for every field and you need to know the proper rules and guidelines. You might have great content but get low grades because of incorrect formats. If you follow a few simple steps, you can enhance the quality of your paper a great deal.

1. Proper Documentation Of Subject: Your project is nothing without your content. The first step in the outline of a research paper is to choose your subject wisely. Remember that your research paper would be different from all other term papers. It is more of an analytical investigation into a subject of your choice. According to the outline of a research paper, your subject should have proper open ended discussion possibilities. You should be able to draw satisfying conclusions from them that benefit the overall goal of your project.

2. Numbering And Formatting Principles: A key concept for maintaining the outline of a research paper is to include proper numbering and formatting techniques in your project. By default, all spacing in areas of the project should be double spaced. The normal standard is to keep a one inch margin all around the text. If you look at the outline of a research paper, you would see that page numbers are done in proper and precise formats. Try and maintain Arabic numerals for numbering the pages and do not use abbreviations or decorations of any form on the numbers.

3. Figures, Charts And Illustrations: Any good project would lead up to a lot of discussions, theories and assumptions. Going by the outline of a research paper, a standard project should support a certain claim with lots of figures and diagrams. You can also show charts and graphs to prove a prediction made in the paper. A separate section should be allocated to them for reference. Each figure or illustration must follow the outline of a research paper, with neat labeling and a one liner description below.

4. Referencing And Titling: Your paper would end up having a lot of references, the sources of which need to be cited properly. You need to create a separate bibliography based on the outline of a research paper for such references. You should include the author name, title of the book or periodical and date of publication. All listing should be done in alphabetical order. When it comes to titling, you can look at the outline of a research paper for indexing options. A cover page with your name and the name and number of the course should also be present. It would help your instructor identify and navigate throughout your entire paper extremely easily and smoothly.

The prime difference between a good and a great paper lies in the format. A few simple rules can take your paper to a new level of accuracy. If you stick to the outline of a research paper in your term papers, you would do wonders in academic writing.

Research Paper Format