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Coming up with persuasive research paper topics form one of the biggest hurdles of students during term assignments. Such topics are given to test your writing skills and ability to hold onto a logical point in a discussion. If you are not familiar with what to write, here are a few sample topics for your benefit.

• Legalization Of Euthanasia : This is one of the most controversial persuasive research paper topics that you can submit for a project. The act of “mercy” killing is a hotly contested medical debate with its pros and cons. You can show all the benefits it can have on terminally suffering patients and their family. Keeping the format of persuasive research paper topics in mind, you can also discuss the steps and schedule to be implemented by the government to prevent its misuse among depressed and suicidal persons from time to time.

• Concept Of Criminal Punishment: This is one of the persuasive research paper topics that is bound to get you lots of arguments both in favor and against it. You can highlight the outdated punishment and penalties prevalent in the social system. You could ask for a stronger enforcement of security or lax the punishment for first time offenders. On the other hand, in the spirit of persuasive research paper topics you could ask for a complete overhaul based on reforms and community service for the culprits instead of prison. Such a topic would display your awareness of socio-political issues and help you in getting good term grades.

• Use Of Steroids In Sports: One of the most common persuasive research paper topics, you can discuss about the affect of performance enhancing drugs on athletes. The argument could be about a stronger punishment and lifetime bans or you could go the opposite route of treating them as medicines. While constructing persuasive research paper topics, you should complement your logic with lots of examples and references that support your argument. Focus on recent events would add credits to your paper.

• Future Of Social Networking: While researching on such persuasive research paper topics, you can discuss at length about how sites like Facebook and Twitter helped connect an entire generation across the world. You can talk about the benefits of being in touch, sharing your identity with the world and displaying your talent in public forums. On the negative aspects of such persuasive research paper topics, you can justify the increase in privacy breaches, abusive and racist sentiment forwards and how it threatens to alter the entire timeline of personal space and groups. Remember to add popular surveys, opinions and criticisms to prove the validity of your point.

When you construct your paper, remember to stick to the proper format as given by your instructor. Make the project look extremely neat and professional and avoid any forms of plagiarism at all costs. Such topics would always help in showcasing your analytical abilities to your professors. If you can properly work with persuasive research paper topics, you have a high chance of being graded well in your terms.

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