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The first hurdle you have to face in your project is the research paper proposal which has to be submitted in front of a review committee for approval. It is a technique to verify the approach you are going to use in the paper and how to plan to develop a solution. You could make a great first impression with your proposal if you mention the following points in your paper:

1.Clear And Concise Definition Of Problem:

The topic or problem which you will be talking about in your research paper proposal forms the entire basis of the paper. You should focus on a proper problem relevant to your field of study and one that has a large impact on society. While choosing the problem, you should keep in mind that it is related to your field of study and allows you ample options to explore your creativity. Coming back to the research paper proposal, you should provide a proper title and mention the problem in a clean and concise fashion in the abstract section of the proposal.

2. Evaluation Of Tools And Project Methodologies:

You will be working with various tools and research methods so it is best to define them in your early research paper proposal to provide more extensive idea about the project. You should include all the related statistical data sheets and mention how your hypothesis can be implemented through the chosen methods. The purpose and function of each tool should be mentioned in the research paper proposal and it should be demonstrated how each of them determine the overall objective of the project. This should make for a well defined proposal.

3. Prediction And Analysis Of Expected Results:

When you draft your research paper proposal, you will have no concrete result in your hand but there will be some predicted outcome based on the different sets of data available. You should define and describe each probable result in terms of the problem and analyze them for their implications. The potential impacts of your findings and results including both the benefits and the drawbacks should be mentioned in the research paper proposal so that the review board can get a clear picture about the direction in which you are going to take your final project.

4. Generating A Concrete And Structured Layout:

You might have got all the basic and important aspects of the project covered in your research paper proposal but it might still look unimpressive if it is not put forward in a professional manner. The entire proposal should be structured into different sub sections with proper headings, charts and tables to illustrate the various points of the project. You should use clean white paper and maintain proper margin and numbering rules in the research paper proposal so it looks and feels comprehensive. This will allow you to build a strong positive first impression and get the approval.

Submission of the proposal itself is the first step to building a focused and dedicated project. If you are interested about the subject and committed to your work, it would reflect in your research paper proposal allowing you to get good grades in the future.

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