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There is a lot of confusion regarding research paper styles among students. Academic writing is an important part of every curriculum. However, so many styles can leave a student clueless about which one to adopt. Each style has its own rules and guidelines. This list of a few sample styles might help you understand your paper better.

• American Psychological Association (APA) Style: When it comes to documenting research paper styles, the APA style is one of the most important and used formats. It is primarily used in investigative discussion of any analytical topic. It is also one of the most difficult layouts to follow because of its stringent guidelines. When you look at APA research paper styles, you would find lots of discussion oriented sections. Each section has formatting and spacing rules to make your project serve as a professional document for a case study.

• Modern Language Association (MLA) Style: In terms of the popularity of research paper styles, it ranks quite close to the APA style. The overall guidelines are a little less strict as compared to APA formatted papers. MLA focuses not only on sciences, but on liberal, arts and humanities paper. It has its own citation and reference rules but you can be more flexible in the overall presentation. When you are writing your papers based on MLA research paper styles, you should keep a note of spacing and formatting requirements. It is widely used by teachers, students and scholars all over.

• Uniform Requirements For Manuscripts (URM) Style: This is a part of the exclusive research paper styles created primarily to set standards for medical and biomedical papers. It was developed by the International Committee of Medical Journal editors. The entire layout focuses on a case study mode with specific instruction sets. If you are pursuing a medical degree of any kind, you should get familiar with this style before starting on your academic term papers. It might seem complex at first, but once you discover the patterns in research paper styles, it would become a lot easier for students to adapt to the format.

• Miscellaneous Formats And Styles: Apart from the above mentioned three research paper styles, there are quite a few other formats. Most of these formats are used for different fields. The AMA format is a common one used in medical, health and biological sciences. It is primarily related to medicine oriented case studies. If you are a college student who wants to use a single format on all subjects, you can try the Turabian format. The Chicago format is another format used for real world subjects by books, magazines and periodicals of all kind. All these research paper styles help you in presenting your paper in a different and unique manner.

With so many styles around, you should look at your resources before choosing a particular style. Some formats are suited to limited fields, so it’s better to ask your instructor on what style would be the best for you. If you follow proper research paper styles, you would make your project a resonating success

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