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The importance of the research paper title page format cannot be stressed enough. This is the first page your instructor is going to see once you hand over your paper. As per guidelines, it should contain all the essential information and details regarding you and the course. A great amount of importance is attached to this page by all instructors. Any incorrect format or lack of information could lead to a negative approach towards the entire paper. If you know the proper research paper title page format, you can impress your instructor right from the start. All you need are a few simple guidelines on what to mention in the title page.

• If you are submitting your project in the APA guideline scheme, the research paper title page format should include page header and page number, running head, title, author’s name and name of the institution.

• Page header contains two to three words of the main title while the running head is a brief description of the title within 50 characters. Your research paper title page format should include one inch margins to make it look neat and precise.

• The title should give your instructor a clear idea about the subject and purpose of your paper. When you are writing your name, or the name of the institution, the proper research paper title page format is to give complete names for both. The page number should be written in Arabic numerals unless stated otherwise.

• Many students make a mistake in the research paper title page format when they try to cram too much into the title page. Your cover page should not lack information, nor should it provide excess of it. You should only mention the headers proposed in the format guidelines.

• Double spacing is an important part of the title page which is used after the main title. Once you are providing a short description of the title in the running head, remember to mention it in upper case. Lower case description goes against the standard research paper title page format of the APA.

• The title page should usually be a neat and white page made of good quality paper. Do not decorate it as you should maintain a professional approach. However, take care to maintain the research paper title page format in a precise manner, as your title page would form the first impression in the instructor’s mind about your paper.

• A paper that follows the MLA scheme would have a different research paper title page format than the APA paper. You should place your name, the name of your instructor, your course name and number and the date. This should be followed by the main title and the body of the paper. Headings should be left justified and double spacing should be used.

The title page is a key element of every research paper. Once you completely master the proper research paper title page format, you can be assured of always leaving a great first impression on your instructor’s mind.

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