Scottish Rite Dyslexia

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Scottish Rite Freemasons are a fraternal organization which has existed for centuries, and their Charitable Foundation is involved in Scottish rite dyslexia work to help children afflicted with dyslexia in the USA, Canada, UK and other countries of the world.

What do they do?

The Scottish rite dyslexia foundation focuses on treatment and evaluation of dyslexia among children - they provide dyslexia evaluation and effective instruction to dyslexic children for free. The Scottish rite dyslexia Learning Centers offer comprehensive therapist training to dyslexia educators which are nationally accredited.

The Scottish rite dyslexia Learning Centers offer training with a multi-sensory and research based approach to impart basic language skills in reading, spelling and writing to afflicted children free of cost to their families. The Scottish rite dyslexia centers also arrange for workshops, seminars and other resources for parental consultation and for educators.

The learning centres

The Scottish rite dyslexia Learning Centres are totally dedicated to the cause of dyslexic children to help them to learn reading. The Learning Centres teach the children individually following the Orton Gillingham approach that identifies the children’s learning differences in one on one settings. All the sessions are conducted after school hours and are free of any charge.

The Foundation’s work

The Foundation’s aim is to arrange for grants for charitable purposes to educational and other charitable organizations. The Foundation believes in benevolence and assistance without ostentation and self interest.

From its inception, the Scottish rites foundation has channeled its energies to support research in the cause and eventual cure for intellectual impairment in the way it affects children and people of advanced age (as with Alzheimer’s Disease).

Scottish Rite hospital

The Scottish Rite hospital for children in Texas is the only such hospital, founded in 1921.

The hospital is world famous for its treatment of orthopedic conditions in children as well as neurological and learning disorders like dyslexia. The hospital has a multidisciplinary approach to the care of children, tailoring its treatment to the specific needs of individual children and their families. The hospital’s mission is to encourage innovative teaching programs and research, and training physicians from all over the world to improve child care.

Scottish Rite hospital and Dyslexia

Major strides have been taken in the understanding of dyslexia and language based disorders at the Texas Scottish Rite hospital for children, where it is strongly believed that children afflicted with dyslexia can be taught to read and be successful in life despite their learning difficulties.

The Center for learning disorders and dyslexia at the Texas hospital is named after Dr Luke Waites, who started a program in 1965 to treat and identify children with dyslexia and other learning disorders. In 1968, the World Federation of Neurology met here and formulated for the first time a consensus definition of developmental dyslexia. The Center for Dyslexia at the Scottish Rite hospital is now recognized internationally for its work in the field of dyslexia and learning disorders.

The center conducts diagnosis and evaluation for children with learning disorders in school as well as specialized treatment for children suffering from dyslexia.

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