Spelling Dyslexia

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Spelling dyslexia problems are faced by most parents of dyslexic students

For dyslexics one of the biggest fears is about spelling dyslexia and writing – it is a leading problem in their lives.

During my primary years in school every week there were spelling tests. Every week I would peer at the string of new words and think about how it would be possible for me to remember this new group in addition to what I was supposed to retain in my memory from the previous week.

I managed to store the words in my short-run memory. It resulted in my going to the class and passing the spelling tests with an A. Nevertheless, when the teacher wanted me to spell out the very same words the following day in school, my memory failed me and all I could do was to scribble off a letter jumble.

The problem then is about teaching dyslexics to spell words correctly and remember it. For over eight decades scientists in this field have been trying to find a solution. However, they have been posing the wrong set of questions.

What is spelling dyslexia problem exactly

The basic problem is how we can utilize the exceptionally sharp analytical powers of dyslexics to better their writing abilities. The answer might shock many researching in the field.

The first step is to initially (for some time) turn away the focus of the dyslexic pupil from spelling and concentrate in assisting the student to further develop his or her natural analytical writing skills. It will require working with the student using the alternative strategies making the student copy, visualize, and narrate.

The remedy for spelling dyslexia problem

The student has to write profusely on tasks that are extremely analytical. After some time it will be found that the dyslexic pupil repeatedly makes the same grammar and spelling mistakes.

After a reasonable period of time it will be necessary to teach the dyslexic pupil how to rectify these same mistakes that are being routinely repeated. It will be found that after completion of our basic writing program many of the dyslexic students have greatly rectified their spelling skills. Within a year and a half most of the dyslexic pupils have self corrected the majority of their spelling problems.

Does this mean that the dyslexic student will now become a spelling champion? By no means, what it will mean is that the dyslexic student will no longer require the services of high-trained special education teachers for assistance in basic writing tasks. The dyslexic student cannot rely on the same writing support services that general education college student’s rely on, the writing assistance center found in most colleges, staffed by low paid college English majors.

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