The Reading Focus Cards

Research-Based Solutions for Struggling Readers 

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The Problem Addressed

If you are visiting this website, there is a very good chance that you are looking for solutions---solutions to help a struggling reader you know or perhaps even yourself. Brennan Innovators, LLC provides such solutions that are both inexpensive and easy to use for all ages of challenged readers. These solutions are called the Reading Focus Cards (Patent 7,565,759), and they have already helped thousands of children and adults to focus and read better, especially those with dyslexia, and/or ADHD.

A Brief History

Joan Brennan, an experienced educator and the founder of Brennan Innovators, LLC, created the Reading Focus Cards out of need in her own classroom. Several years ago, more than a few of her middle school students had demonstrated all too often that reading was a struggle for them. Tracking, fluency, comprehension and retention of what was read had posed serious challenges for them.

During one class period several years ago, a young student with focusing and tracking issues (ADHD) had experienced particular difficulty attending to her reading lesson.  In just a few minutes, Mrs. Brennan managed to improvise a solution on the spot.  From a recycled manila folder, the teacher created a “reading card” for the student with a cut-out “window” to help focus the student’s eyes on one text line at a time and block out some of the surrounding text. After reading 2 pages with the improvised tool, the student told her teacher that she was actually able to focus better, paying more attention to the selection---AND she understood as well as could remember what she had read!  At the end of the lesson, the student asked, “May I take this reading card to my next class?” That became the first prototype of the Reading Focus Card.

Today, two different sizes of the Reading Focus Card are now available (for both long and short text lines) together with a choice of 3 different colored reading filters (colors recommended by a St. Louis group of developmental optometrists). Sensory-appealing materials are used in the manufacture of the tools made in the U.S.  In addition, 2 independent focus studies of the tools were successfully conducted (see link to follow). Although these reading aids can be used with paperbacks and hardcover books, they also work well with e-readers (i.e. Kindles, Nooks, etc.) and e-tablets (i.e. iPads, Android tablets, etc.)  A protective film for device screens is recommended with this application.

Currently, with an estimated 1 in 5 U.S. children (20%) with some form of dyslexia and nearly 11% children in the U.S., ages 4-17, with a diagnosis of ADHD, there is an urgent need for inexpensive yet effective tools and solutions for challenged readers. The research-based Reading Focus Cards can help.

The Difference with This Solution

There are a number of programs and methods that are available today for challenged readers, but many are quite expensive and do not always address the source of an individual’s reading difficulty. The Reading Focus Cards are both customizable and inexpensive.  Although the tools may not help all struggling readers, the reasonable price makes them excellent options for trials in many situations, especially in classroom settings. Brennan Innovators also provides phone support and consultation services if clients require additional information or resources.

The company’s mission is to help parents, educators and other adults assist challenged readers of all ages to read with more success. Brennan Innovators has been doing this since 2007 and enjoys making a difference in the lives of struggling readers!

Parent Testimonial

More than a few unsolicited testimonials have been received from parents, teachers and others who have used the Reading Focus Cards. One such testimonial letter was sent to the company by the mother of 2 sons with reading challenges:

"(My younger son) is still loving it.  He likes the feel of the (Reading Focus) card, and he likes it when I hold it to read aloud to him. He says it makes the words light up ... He picked (the) yellow (filter).  It helps him follow along with me when I'm reading.

Our older son still wants one for the computer... He picked the dark blue (filter). He likes the longer one (Reading Focus Card), although he has been known to 'steal' his brother’s (shorter RFC) for his novels because it's smaller and fits on those pages better.

I think with (some) children... and issues with peripheral vision, they (Reading Focus Cards) help make the words focus, and it stops the boys from skipping lines. (One son often misses questions in his assignments from his tracking issues.) It just helps the words 'pop out'.

The tactile part of the cards helps them (boys) to stop looking at everything but the book... My son has to keep track of where the card is on the paper and that keeps him focused. He likes using the 'sponge side' up (the blue side) because 'it's soft' and the black side slides along the paper smoothly.

Both my boys are 'fiddlers' and study better when they have a squishy ball or something like that to fiddle with. The (Reading Focus) card gives something for their hands to do at the same time it helps their tracking issues."

---Jen Bolton, London, Ontario

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