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How to overcome learning struggles.

Maybe it is time to upgrade your mind ‘computer’.

The mind is like a computer in many ways. It processes information. The better the mind processes information, the easier it is to learn. How well a given student’s mind computer processes information depends upon several factors. We all know that computers can run at different speeds and effectiveness. If you have an older computer with too little memory, a slow processor and older software that needs to be updated to fix bugs, your computer can be slow to process information and thereby frustrating.


I created to provide the best general information on dyslexia online. In order to support the website I am starting an online tutoring business for highly motivated dyslexic high school and college students, using an innovative new approach based on the latest research in neural science, which was presented at the International Dyslexia Association, New York City Branch, in 2006.

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A student who struggles with learning likely needs a mind computer upgrade. The key components within the mind computer that process information are called cognitive skills. Cognitive skills are the underlying skills that must function for anyone to successfully read, learn, hear, think, prioritize, plan, understand, remember, and solve problems. The core cognitive skills are grouped into seven major categories which include: (1) processing speed, (2) working memory, (3) attention, (4) long-term memory, (5) visual processing, (6) auditory processing, and (7) logic and reasoning.

When cognitive skills are strong, academic learning is fast, easy, efficient, and even fun. When cognitive skills are weak, academic learning will be a struggle, or impossible. One or more weak cognitive skills generally are the underlying cause for a diagnosis of most learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Cognitive skills are the foundational and essential tools for learning. Fortunately, cognitive skills can be improved through the proper training.

How can you discover whether any of your or your child’s mind computer components (cognitive skills) need to be upgraded? Just like a computer, you can run a diagnostic test to measure how well each core cognitive skill is working.

Every parent knows the importance of ensuring that their child’s basic physical elements are ok. So they take their child in for a hearing, vision or general health checkup. What about a mind computer checkup? How well a child processes information is just as important as ensuring that their vision and hearing is not an issue.

Dr. Ken Gibson is dyslexic. He struggled through school. Fortunately, he had some very strong skills that allowed him to compensate for the weak skills and was able to get through medical school. He did not discover that he was dyslexic until after the graduated from medical school. Once he made this discovery, he dedicated his entire career to finding a solution to help others avoid the learning struggle he faced. Backed by over 35 years of research and development, he developed one of the nation’s leading clinical reading and learning remediation programs.

Dr. Gibson realizes that not every parent has access to one of his clinics. He teamed with BrainSkills LLC to develop an online version of his cognitive skill assessment and core training program so that every parent can have affordable access to these valuable tools when access to one of his clinics is not a viable option.

Cognitive skill testing can be difficult to find and generally costs $500 or more. Now, the Gibson Test of brain skills is available online for only $29.95. In the comfort and privacy of your own home, you can obtain a baseline profile of your child’s core cognitive skills in only 35 minutes. Discover whether any weak core skills are holding your child back from achieving their full potential.

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Read Breanna’s story. She was dyslexic. A cognitive skill assessment was the catalyst to changing her life. (Link to Breanna’s story on your site.)

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