Tom Cruise Learning Disability

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Tom cruise is one of the most common and popular faces all over the world. There are very few people who do not like him or his films. His is a favorite of many. Be it women or men. Tom Cruise is an actor and producer. Earlier, he was nominated for three Academy Awards and had won three Golden Globe Awards.

Tom Cruise was born as Thomas Cruise Mapother IV in Syracuse, New York. Most of his childhood was spent in Ottawa, Ontario. As young child, he loved playing floor hockey but often ended up being injured. During his teen age, he took part in theatre where he played the co- leading role and was thoroughly appreciated for it. Since early age, his problems had caused great trouble for him. In the twelve years of his life, he had to change fifteen schools as he was being bullied regularly. Around this age, his parents had split up and he and his sister moved away from their father. Later in his teens he was aspired to become a Catholic priest.

Tom Cruise’s dyslexia was inherited from his mother. By the age of seven, he was already claimed to be dyslexic. It would be very difficult for him to remember what he read or wrote. He wasn’t accustomed with the things he read and wrote. As a young boy, he had to suffer due to his learning disability. Having a disability can cause other problems like depression, anger, stress, etc. He often suffered from stress, head aches and temper problems. His depression kept increasing each day of his life.

Having dyslexia, he was not interested in studying. Games like hockey and football interested him a lot. He was also very talented in playing games like baseball, wrestling and soccer. Once while playing, he injured his knee badly which disabled him to pursue career in sports. Tom Cruise had to change three high schools but no matter where he went, he was always sent to the remedial school.

He often imitated people at home and entertained his family. His mother and his sisters were very fond of his acting skills and they always kept encouraging him to do things he was good at. He refused to attend his graduation as he knew that he might have failed in it. However, by the time he became an adult, he learned to read and write.

Knowing that he was especially talented in acting, he tried to pursue a career out of acting. He gained quick success and popularity as an actor. His debut film was ‘Losing It’ which unfortunately didn’t do that well. In the year 1986, he starred in the film ‘Top Gun’, which made him an overnight star.

Tom Cruise is an example of a disabled person who came out as a winner in his life. He proved to the world that be it dyslexia or any other form of disability, nothing can stop you from achieving success once you have determined to achieve it.

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