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Every time you come up with a project, you have to first go through the types of research papers to understand how to approach the subject. Each type has a particular style and a certain set of guidelines that are to be followed while writing the paper. In case you are confused about how each type defines a paper, here are some of the key types to help you understand the concept better:


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Scientific And Analytical Papers:

Among the types of research papers submitted by students, this one is the most difficult and challenging. You have to pick a problem and construct a thesis on how it can be solved to bring an overall positive impact in society. There are lots of research tools and methodologies involved in the process along with assumptions and limitations. As you progress, you have to streamline your discussions towards a certain conclusion that supports your initial hypothesis. Such types of research papers might sound confusing, but if you follow an organized pattern you can get it done easily.

Argumentative And Comparative Papers:

When you are dealing with the different types of research papers, argumentative papers come up in lots of assignments. This paper might seem confusing at first because you cannot be biased towards any one side of the argument. You have to present facts and discussions including references that support both the points of view, reaching a neutral standpoint regarding an issue. Other types of research papers involve comparative papers where you have to compare and contrast between two given topics or themes. This would allow you to highlight multiple points of each and show one in the contextual frame of the other.

Descriptive And Interactive Papers:

If you are majoring in literature or arts, you should consider writing descriptive types of research papers instead of the more traditional analytical ones. In such papers, you can highlight a certain aspect of the subject and define all the possibilities and contexts associated with it. You need to include multiple valid resources to add credibility to the points made in the discussion. In case of interactive types of research papers, you need to show your research methodologies with a target audience in the form of surveys or questionnaires that can be used to predict certain general trends or reactions.

General Subject Oriented Project Reports:

One of the most common types of research papers handled by students at preliminary stages is a general report assigned on a specific subjects by their teacher. Such papers utilize the case study scenario and are extremely easy to write as they are entire based on facts. No form of analysis or argumentative description is needed for such papers except for a detailed description on the overall subject. Such types of research papers follow a three stage approach of problem identification, summary of problem elements and steps required to address the problem.

You can choose analytical, interpretive or descriptive classes of papers based on your assignment topic and your fluency with the subject. The sample types of research papers can help you understand each format better so you can make your decision with proper accuracy and confidence.

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