Adult Dyslexia

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As is widely known now in current times, dyslexia is a learning disorder which manifests itself in reading, spelling, writing and numerical difficulties. But, in spite of the fairly widespread information about dyslexia available today, adult dyslexia is still a largely ignored field. This can be due to the fact that since information about dyslexia was not so widely known earlier, dyslexia in the adults of today was ignored or not identified in their childhood. The second reason could be that the adults now are extremely embarrassed to admit that they have a learning disorder and they would rather conceal the problem than come out in the open with it. The third reason could be that the adults themselves are unable to recognize the symptoms of dyslexia and now take their difficulties for granted and not as something which can be addressed. And this is how they continue leading a poor quality of life and may suffer from low self-esteem.


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Problems of adult dyslexia at workplaces

Adult dyslexia if not treated timely or kept concealed indefinitely leads to a host of problems especially at the workplaces. Since dyslexia involves difficulties in writing, reading, spelling and numerical matters, it can get quite tough for adults at their offices as their correspondence may be poor and/or they are unable to make proper financial calculations. Dyslexics also have a poor concept of time as a result of which they are bad at efficient time management. This may lead to missing out on important meetings or interviews, inability to keep up with the goals of the day or maintaining basic unpunctuality and missing deadlines which creates a bad impression the workplace. Adult dyslexia also means bad organizational ability, poor comprehension and difficulty in following instructions and retaining them which further makes things difficult for them at their work.

How to tackle adult dyslexia at work

Keeping a planner handy in which their daily tasks can be organized and clearly enunciated will help them overcome their poor organizational skills. Bad time management can be tackled by always having a clock on their desks to help keep an eye on the time and as far as following instructions are concerned, all they need is a pen and paper on which to jot down whatever is being said to them so that they can follow the instructions accurately. A calculator can be handy for the mathematical calculations and the computer can be adjusted to suit their ability. A spellchecker can also be used while doing correspondence to rule out errors.

Programs for adult dyslexia

There are many adult dyslexia programs specifically for this purpose and getting themselves diagnosed would be the first step towards improving the quality of their lives for the dyslexics.

Adult dyslexia does not mean being stuck with it; if adults suffering from this disorder would only overcome their fear and apprehension of social embarrassment and get a proper diagnosis done there is no reason why they cannot improve their workplace activities.

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