Adults With Dyslexia

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Although the primary focus has been on children when it comes to dyslexia, nevertheless it is an extremely debilitating problem for adults alike. Adults with dyslexia tend to get neglected because they hide their problem for fear of social stigma or because they simply haven’t even realized that they might be dyslexic. This is because it is only recently has such an awareness about dyslexia been created and the present adults with dyslexia had probably never even been diagnosed in their childhood.


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Types of tests for adults with dyslexia

The most common types of tests for adults with dyslexia are screening and comprehensive tests. The screening dyslexia test consists of evaluation of learning disorders so that the probable dyslexics can be prescribed further tests. It may be in the form of a simple questionnaire in which the person to be tested is asked a few questions to judge whether further more specific tests are required for that individual. Indications of a probable dyslexic can be gauged from this test and it is useful for either prescribing necessary or preventing unnecessary further evaluation.

The comprehensive tests are under the supervision of psychologists who make more detailed evaluations of the person’s learning skills. This is only necessary in those cases where the screening test for adults with dyslexia show plenty of dyslexia symptoms. Comprehensive tests are also more expensive and time consuming as it may involve as many as twelve sessions and it can get very arduous for the person to be tested as well as the family member/friend. Hence, it is advisable to first go in for the screening test to either rule out dyslexia or to confirm it and only then take it further.

Simple tests for adults with dyslexia

Adults with dyslexia can get themselves tested by taking simple tests in which their ability to read, write and spell is examined to determine whether they are dyslexic or not. Adults with dyslexia continue to be poor in spelling and tend to misspell ordinary words like ‘should’, friend’ or ‘journey’ etc. because they spell it totally phonetically. Hence, ‘friend’ becomes ‘frend’, ‘journey’ becomes ‘jerney’, ‘enough’ gets written as ‘enuf’ and so forth.

The tests for adults with dyslexia also include testing for directions as dyslexics have problems in recognizing directions and get confused between left and right. Following instructions especially in sequential order is a difficult task for adults with dyslexia and it can get embarrassing especially at workplaces. Dyslexia tests may be done in which they are asked to repeat words in the sequence narrated to them. In the course of the tests adults with dyslexia may also be asked to solve specific mathematical problems which are particularly hard for them since basic mathematical skills like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication are poor in them.

Although it is advisable to go in for as early detection as possible it is better to get a diagnosis taken even for adults with dyslexia so that they need not remain silent sufferers anymore.

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