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"Am I dyslexic?" is a question that's often asked by someone who may have failed a screening test, or perhaps an adult looking back over his or her childhood and wondering just why it was so difficult to learn.


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One of the most prominent symptoms for the condition is the inability to read, or difficulty learning to read. However, it's important to remember that each person displays the symptoms of this brain-based learning disability in a different way, so your symptoms may be very different from others.

Who is going to tell someone that they're dyslexic? The first signs of the condition occur, in most people, in grade school, generally in the lower grades, as a student learns to read and write. A classroom teacher is often the first person to mention the potential of a learning disability to parents.

Parents, too, can spot signs of the condition when they notice that their otherwise bright child is struggling with reading at a significant level.

Once there's some idea that there could be a problem, seeking out a family doctor is the first step. This health professional can then conduct screenings to learn more about the child's potential for having dyslexia or another form of learning disability.

Spotting the Condition

Being dyslexic is not something that's obvious in most situations. However, people often are able to spot the symptoms for the condition in every day behavior and learning patterns. From there, a health care provider can further determine if the condition is, in fact, present, and can conduct more tests.

These are some of the most common symptoms of the condition:

  • Number and letter reversals, in which the person writes the numbers backward
  • Copying from one place to the next (such as a board to a piece of paper) is difficult
  • Written work is disorganized
  • The child may struggle to remember content even though it may be a favorite story
  • Spatial relationship problems may occur and may be seen on the playground
  • Uncoordinated
  • Difficulty understanding left and right or confusion between the two

It is possible for an adult to notice these small differences in day-to-day life, but generally it's the adult who's able to put all of these pieces together and make the connection to dyslexia. Am I dyslexic? The only way to really know is through further testing.

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