Articles On Learning Disabilities

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Articles on learning disabilities will not only help you in better understanding the various problems associated with learning disabilities but will also be a big help in keeping you abreast with all the latest developments in that particular field. If your child has not been performing well at school or is showing signs of behavioral problems despite all your efforts then your child may be having a learning disability.

The internet is invaluable for articles on learning disabilities

The internet has proved to be an invaluable asset for finding vital information about learning disabilities. Academic journals, learning disability associations all have a say on the net and the innumerable online articles on learning disabilities practically cover the entire gamut on the disorder.

Academic articles on learning disabilities

Articles on learning disabilities in the form of academic journals are very useful for professionals in the field. They are also a fountain of knowledge for the layperson and help them get a hang of the disorder. For professionals, academic articles feature in-depth coverage of specific topics in the realm of learning disorders.

Theoretical papers, research papers, interviews with eminent psychologists and educationists, overviews of intervention in the field of learning disabilities and development of latest diagnostic assessments of the disorder are all available in such articles. Academic articles on learning disabilities can also help you with your child’s specific problem which is not so common; for instance, dyslexia is well- known but many people have never heard of dysgraphia which is a writing disorder.

Articles on learning disabilities help you understand your legal rights

You will find many informative articles on learning disabilities dealing with your legal rights as a parent of learning disabled child or as learning disabled individual yourself. You can learn all about basic human rights for those with learning disabilities and about what counts for discrimination whether in school, workplace or community.

Guidance with support associations through articles on learning disabilities

You can read articles on learning disabilities which can guide you towards various associations which specifically deal with learning disorders and are committed to empowering learning disabled people. These articles will provide you with a wealth of information on funds, resources and assistance to help learning disabled people lead fulfilling lives. Inspirational personal stories, support advice for caregivers, contacts with others facing a similar situation are all regular features in these articles.

Careful selection of articles on learning disabilities

Although the internet is inundated with articles on learning disabilities you must be careful to sift the grain from the chaff and not get carried away by superficial articles which can be quite misleading. As you read you will soon understand what qualifies for a good informative and factual article and which articles should be avoided. Articles on learning disabilities have definitely made it easier for the layperson to get a grasp on the subject and have proved to be of immense help to parents struggling with learning disabled child or to learning disabled adults themselves.

Types of Learning Disabilities