Attention Deficit Disorder And Treatment

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ADD or attention deficit disorder affects not only children but also teenagers and adults. Individuals with symptoms of ADD should immediately consult a physician who can handle the attention deficit disorder and treatment since an early diagnosis can significantly improve the condition. Attention deficit disorder and treatment requires prescribed medication since it is considered to be primarily a neurological problem in the brain which can be controlled with the right medicines. Studies have shown that one of the prime reasons why ADD occurs is when there is a dysfunction in the brain chemicals and specific medicines can help control the disorder by influencing the makeup of the brain chemicals.

Attention deficit disorder and treatment with medicines includes Dexedrine, Strattera, Equasym, Concerta and Ritalin out of which Ritalin is most commonly prescribed. These medicines mainly affect the noradrenaline and dopamine parts of the brain which are responsible for the attention span of the individual. In people suffering from ADD these areas of the brain have been found to be inactive. Such medicines rouse the activity in these parts of the brain. Most of such medicines are therapeutic stimulant medicines which improve the sympathetic nervous system of the ADD-affected individual and make him more alert. Attention deficit disorder and treatment involving prescribed medicines have shown improved controlled temperament and fewer tendencies towards violent behavior. Individuals with ADD and under medication show improved listening skills, less impulsive behavior and better concentration. This leads to building much more stable social relationships, doing better in school and jobs and overall being instilled with a sense of fulfillment and well-being. It is to be borne in mind that for effective attention deficit disorder and treatment proper support and encouragement is necessary.

Attention deficit disorder and treatment in alternative ways are also on the rise. Lifestyle modifications like diet changes, herbal as well as homeopathy remedies are increasingly being promoted by natural health care providers. Diet adjustments are being highly recommended with removal of processed foods, foods containing high amounts trans-fats, refined sugar, additives and flavorings totally from the daily diet. Food additives along with food allergies are often the main culprits for attention deficit disorder. Finding and removing them from the diet should go a long way in effective attention deficit disorder and treatment. Making the transition from processed to organic and natural foods will automatically start to show good results.

Many people are seriously considering homeopathy remedies for attention deficit disorder and treatment. Homeopathy remedies are gentle and side effects are rare making them safe for use even for children. Homeopathy does not suppress the symptoms but addresses the underlying cause of chemical imbalance by working in tandem with the body’s natural healing ability. Behavior modification therapy and learning skills enhancement are other avenues for attention deficit disorder and treatment. It is important to remember that any strategy involving attention deficit disorder and treatment will take its own time since this disorder has no ‘cure’ but can only be managed to a great degree.

Attention Deficit Disorder