Attention Deficit Disorder College

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Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is quite common among children and persists through teen years; it also continues through the adult years. The primary symptoms of attention deficit disorder college are lack of attention, hyper-activity and impulsiveness. The degree of manifestation is related to the age group.

Children tend to run and jump as well as fidget too much continuously without giving the impression that they have heard anything at all. In adults the symptoms are restlessness, lack of sleep, problems relating to relationships and work. In teenage the symptoms of attention deficit disorder college are more the less the same as seen in children. It affects their education severely because in high school a high level of concentration is required. When the teens enter college the environment for them worsens because here the focus on the studies has to be total. Thus it requires extra effort for them to deal with attention deficit disorder college.

College days are challenging for most youth – a big jump from one stage of life to another. As such the problem of attention deficit disorder college is of great significance. The youth are independent for the first time in their lives and life now has no restrictions. This period of life is exciting as well as laced with emotion. Those suffering from ADD have to battle with this situation.

Till now there was the family security cradling them and everything was taken care of. Suddenly they are thrown into an environment where they have to take care of themselves. Typically those with ADD are disorganized lacking the ability to structure their routine. The basic treatment for them is to modify their behavior and train them to follow a fixed routine through habit – following a fixed schedule.

But those entering college with attention deficit disorder college the situation becomes very difficult because it is the individual, who is no longer a child, who has to create again the disciplined type of life that he or she was used to at home. To reproduce such discipline all by themselves becomes extremely difficult to the youngsters.

The increase in studies leads to difficulties in adjustment in college for those affected by attention deficit disorder college. They have to re-routine their daily programs independently according to the new circumstances but they also have to manage with the extra pressure of studies. Another factor is that the academic side of life is aggravated by the fact that the pupil lacks attention, gets easily distracted and is impulsive by nature. At the core is the attention deficit disorder college and this makes it tough for the youth to adjust to the new mode of life and new load of work. All this leads to stress mounting in the students. In some cases it becomes so acute that they sometimes clash with the law or they might indulge in behavior that is licentious.

What needs to be addressed is the organizational side. The affected should be made to carry a digital calendar or any other type of planners as it is important for them to be reminded of assignment. To properly handle the combined problem of college life for those with attention deficit disorder college is the necessity to regulate their lifestyle on the same lines as chalked out at home.

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