Attention Deficit Disorder Diet

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There are lots of ways in which a properly defined attention deficit disorder diet can help you in curbing the primary conditions in children and adults. The common approach is to provide normal stimulant and non-stimulant medications to the patients but many people want to avoid chemicals and drug based medicines for children. The best way to resolve this is through a healthy and wholesome diet that consists of the following important modifications:

More Fruits And Vegetables:

It is extremely important to make sure that your attention deficit disorder diet is filled with lots of fruits and vegetables. They allow the passage of nutrients into the body in a completely natural way and can help in reducing the symptoms of the disorder. Everything from broccoli and Brussels sprouts to tomato and turnip should be tried out on a regular basis to test the effects on the person. While you are preparing the attention deficit disorder diet, you should be careful to check if the person has allergies to any particular class of foods and remove them from the list.

Less Sugar In All forms:

One of the first things that are banned in case of structuring attention deficit disorder diet is the consumption of fizzy drinks. The reason is that it contains extra sugar that can make an individual agitated beyond the normal degree. Sugar has also been noted for increase in hyperactivity and the person should consume a highly restricted amount of sugar based substances. Even refined sugar is not completely free from its traits so your attention deficit disorder diet should minimize it as well.

Removal Of Artificiality From Foods:

This part of the specific attention deficit disorder diet has been based on the theory of environmental factors, one of the theories speculating on the origin of the disorder. According to the theory, a person might derive symptoms of ADD and ADHD after being exposed to artificial coloring and flavoring that is found in foods. You should remove all traces of artificial elements and get back to organic and natural supply in the diet such as whole grains. In many cases it has been seen that such a carefully administered attention deficit disorder diet has led to a dramatic improvement of conditions for the person.

Add The Presence Of Natural Herbs:

Instead of littering your organized attention deficit disorder diet with chemical based supplements, you should completely go the natural way with the addition of extra herbs. Many of these special herbs can be used to prepare beverages that can suppress the conditions of the disorder. Chamomile tea is an example of how herbs can regulate your ADD while lavender bromades can be used to add a special scent and flavor to your meals. The herbs do not have any side effects at all and are extremely effective as part of the attention deficit disorder diet in both short term and long term doses.

The diet itself has a crucial role to play in the regulation of the disorder so you should be extremely careful in choosing the food groups that constitute the primary portion of the diet. You should also take care to see that you come up with new and delicious recipes in order to keep the individual interested in the diet for long periods of time. If everything works out according to your schedule, the specially prepared attention deficit disorder diet is sure to act as a prolonged form of treatment for the disorder, guiding the individual towards a happier and healthier future.

Attention Deficit Disorder