Attention Deficit Disorder Medications

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The prevailing notion about ADD or adult –deficit-disorder is that children are the main victims. The mention of ADD leads up to an image of an over active, noisy and loud child. Thus it will come as a surprise to know that a good number of adults are now being diagnosed to be suffering from ADD. Most probably ADD kicked off from childhood; the adults who are prey to this disorder never managed to outgrow ADD but it was not detected during childhood. Conversely it is not correct that each adult found to be suffering from ADD necessarily had it from childhood.

A good proportion of adults could have been victims of attention deficit disorder all through their lives but the symptoms like restlessness and depression could have been attributed to other causes that had not been successfully cured despite regular attention deficit disorder medications. Although attention deficit disorder medications are available to address the problem of attention deficit disorder in adults, for its proper usage it is necessary to first know the symptoms associated with adult ADD.

Adults suffering from this attention deficit disorder have difficulty in getting organized, in arranging priorities or in beginning and ending assignments. They fail to concentrate on specific tasks; the situation worsens if there are other distractions. They fail to deal with stress and their emotions as well as control their own selves.

If the adults are continuously forgetful, unable to persevere or cannot get motivated they should take attention deficit disorder medications. If such adults are not treated then their career will suffer as well as their social life including marriage. It will become impossible for them to maintain and nurture any kind of relationship. The biggest trouble zone will be managing finances.

Adults with ADD may be highly creative, energetic and spontaneous with the gift of a quick mind but even then they should not avoid taking attention deficit disorder medications for the deficiency problem.

There are three categories of attention deficit disorder medications prescribed for those suffering from adult attention deficit disorders – methylphenidates, amphetamines and strattera.

The brand names for methyphenidates include Ritalin, Concerta, Focalin and Methylin.

The brand names for amphetamines are Adderall, Destroamphetamine and mixed-amphetamine salts. The latest is Vyganse.

Strattera is usually taken as a last resort if all other medications for treating ADD fail.

The attention deficit disorder medications are said to produce satisfactory results but some may be subjected to side effects. Among these can be listed – giddiness, stomach aches, vomiting, headaches, nausea and sleeplessness. These are the common ones. There are some other side effects that are serious following the taking attention deficit disorder medications. For instance suicidal tendencies may develop or violence relating to abusing substances.

For these reasons the safe route is following homeopathic treatments and taking natural herbs. These venues are now being researched. Counseling as an alternative method of attention deficit disorder medications is also being focused on.

The basic advice however is to consult the doctor before discontinuing prescribed attention deficit disorder medications. So far these medicines have greatly helped in improving the quality of living for the affected.

Attention Deficit Disorder