Bright Solutions for Dyslexia

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Bright solutions for Dyslexia have been propounded by researchers and special educators who implement methods to cure or provide solutions to adults and children affected by Dyslexia. An institution by Susan Barton established in 1998 is also named Bright solutions for Dyslexia. The institute has provided ground breaking research work that deals extensively on studies on Dyslexia. Her outstanding contribution and commitment in the field of Dyslexia is highly praise worthy. Dyslexia affects many individuals of different age groups coming from diverse socio- economic background.

Bright solutions for Dyslexia focus on the tools that a Dyslexic individual can use when communicating with superiors at school, college or in the work area. It helps them to take multiple choice exams and also enables them to follow instructions. Bright solutions for Dyslexia specially designed tools help the Dyslexic individuals who speak rapidly to rectify their pronunciation and allows them to enunciate the words correctly. The tools ensure that the Dyslexic person speaks out a complete sentence without stammering or stuttering. Also, the individual can correct their mistakes and convey their message with clarity.

The bright solutions for Dyslexia also include writing tools that can be used to check verb agreements and pronoun usage. It enables students to take standardized tests through the programs provided by bright solutions for Dyslexia. The tool ensures that the Dyslexic individuals approach their tests in a logical format so that they can comprehend the questions and understand where they can go wrong. The guidelines suggested by bright solutions for Dyslexia help the students to take the exam and successfully pass the test.

Since Dyslexic children need more time to prepare for exams, it becomes imperative for such children to try out the tools provided by bright solutions for Dyslexia. It enables the students to combat their learning, reading and writing difficulties while it assists the Dyslexic individual to comprehend the question papers more easily. The programs suggested by bright solutions for Dyslexia improves the image of the Dyslexic person and makes them appear more professional in their attitude and approach.

Guardians need to help the child with learning disability so that in future they could be self reliant and perform their daily tasks independently. The job of the parent is not to “cure” learning disability but to provide their wards with social and emotional tools that he/she requires to work through the challenges. Teaching the child to face challenges and overcome their deficiencies makes the child grow stronger and more resilient. By focusing on developing the child’s self help skills, their strengths and paying attention to their emotional and physical well-being, guarantees the child’s success in life.

Children with healthy habits concentrate better and can focus more on hard work. Emphasizing on healthy life style habits helps the Dyslexic child. Maintaining a consistent sleep regime assists concentration level and is very healthy for them. Regular exercise is strongly recommended by bright solutions for Dyslexia as it is a great antidote to stress, frustration and feeling of inadequacy.

It is best for the affected child to pursue Individualized Education Programs (IEP) which designs a customized education program specifically for learning disabled children. The child’s success in life depends not entirely on academics but also includes a fulfilling job, loving relationship, a family and sense of contentment.

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