Cause Of Dyslexia

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Dealing with dyslexic patients can be quite difficult if you have no idea about the cause of dyslexia and its developmental history in a person. Unlike every other disease or disorder that comes from a certain prescribed set of causes, dyslexia is unique in its appearance and inception. It can result from the aggravation of one factor, lack of another factor or a combination of multiple theories. In order to understand the disorder, you must know the four primary causes attributed to its development.

Inherited Factors:

One of the most well known cause of dyslexia is through inherited factors and the presence of certain genes that help in its development. It is not necessary that anyone with dyslexia would pass it to their children but statistics show that there are a large number of cases that can be grouped under this assumption. In case of genetic markers, certain key genomes are passed on that can give rise to early signs of dyslexia. Knowing this cause of dyslexia can be helpful for further evaluation and assessment of the disorder in a person.

Ectopic Cells:

Another proven cause of dyslexia is the presence of ectopic cells, a representation of neurological imbalances that can account for the disorder. A non dyslexic person has a certain group of neurons present on the brain surface, the primary area for reading and writing skills. In case of dyslexic people, these neurons or ectopic cells cannot complete their journey and lie beneath the brain surface. This can cause serious damage in learning adaptability as the child grows up. This particular cause of dyslexia is under a lot of research.

Early Hearing Problems:

Diseases like throat infections and common colds can be the cause of dyslexia through severe ear blockages in early childhood which cannot be diagnosed without proper medical observation. The learning and identification of sounds is important for academics and without proper hearing, a child would not pick it up. Many children have trouble with phonetics and other associated problems that stem from such ear blockages. This is a cause of dyslexia that parents should be cautious about as it can be prevented with a bit of extra attention and regular checkups during childhood.

Learning Strategies:

An example of a lesser discussed cause of dyslexia is the development of learning strategies in a child. If you plan to give your child the right education, a multi sensory approach is essential from an early age. This would help you diagnose any potential problem areas and work on rectifying it. However, one dimensional techniques can often lead to children lacking in some fundamental reading and writing concepts. You need to work on building visual and tactile memories based on both physical and mental co ordination. Such a cause of dyslexia can also be prevented by knowing the right approach to early education and academics of your child.

Lots of theories are constantly put forward on the dynamics of the disorder and any potential signs of its origin. However, once you can identify the cause of dyslexia, it would help you gain a better understanding and perspective of the problem at hand.

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