Causes Of Attention Deficit Disorder

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Researchers have long debated over the causes of attention deficit disorder in people based on a specific set of theories. The disorder is primarily neurobehavioral in nature and cannot be attributed to any external pathogens like normal diseases such as common cold. Various propositions have been put forward to determine the possible origin of the disorder in a person and all of them have their merits and demerits. Here are some of the most common theories currently in existence:

Genetic Causes And Theories:

Just like several other learning disorders, the causes of attention deficit disorder have been primarily attributed to flawed genetic mechanics in an individual. The genetic theory suggests that some modification in the internal dopamine transporters within an individual might lead to a form of attention based disorder. In several cases the parents have been found to be hyperactive monozygotes so they tend to lead the curve as compared to dizygotes. These causes of attention deficit disorder still need a lot of specific research based findings before coming to a conclusion.

Brain Damage Causes And Theories:

Another of the causes of attention deficit disorder visible among researchers is the prominent brain damage theory. In case of accidents or other reasons, the inhibitor portion of the cerebellum might be damaged or stop functioning in its normal state. This can lead to conditions of overactivity and the lack of patience in a person. Just like the genetic theory, this theory is also based on individual studies and is being constantly evolved to include new parameters. Scientists are working hard on such causes of attention deficit disorder to come up with a more concrete possibility.

Environmental Causes And Theories:

Several researchers have tagged the causes of attention deficit disorder to explicit situational events or environmental factors that can modify a person. Some of the widely propagated conditions involve the presence of artificial coloring in food and exposure to bright fluorescent lights. These environmental factors depend on person to person and might lead to various degrees of manifestation of the disorder. Changing environmental conditions might bring about temporary respite from the prominent symptoms of the disorder. These causes of attention deficit disorder also border around geospatial evolutionary theories and pre adaptive nature of humans over time.

Nutrition Based Causes And Theories:

You should always be careful with the diet of a suffering individual because it is also considered to be one of the major causes of attention deficit disorder in a person.

The presence of excess sugar, especially in fizzy drinks tends to increase the hyperactivity among teenagers and reduce their attention span. Certain classes of foods are also related to ADD if they are taken for prolonged periods of time. You need to form a special diet chart with recommended foods and beverages based on the causes of attention deficit disorder to bring about some relief to suffering individuals over a short span of time.

These causes are not permanent by any means and there is always a huge difference of opinion among scientists and research groups. Specific and isolated studies have identified each cause through testing but there have not been enough evidences to mark any potential cause as completely conclusive. The disorder can also result from the combination of causes so you need to check for all the parameters before you make your diagnosis. As long as you remember the different types of causes of attention deficit disorder, you should be able to guide an individual in the right direction.

Attention Deficit Disorder