College And Attention Deficit Disorder

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College and attention deficit disorder assumes greater importance in the context that college is a difficult transition for most children. ADD or attention deficit disorder is common in childhood although teens and adults too suffer from this disorder. The basic symptoms of ADD are inattention, hyperactivity and impulsive behavior but the degree and manifestation depends upon the age group. In children it is more of running and jumping around and fidgeting all the time and not appearing to have heard anything being told to them. In adults, it may manifest itself in restlessness, insomnia, work or relationships related problems. In teens, although the symptoms are more or less as those of younger children, their education is much more deeply affected. This is because in high school education requires more concentration and by the time they go to college the scenario becomes worse because the teens require total focus on studies and on their lifestyle on their own and handling both college and attention deficit disorder requires effort.

For the first time, they are totally independent and starting an unrestricted life. It is an exciting and emotional time for them all and in this scene those with ADD have more to contend with. Coming from the security of a family where everything was taken care of in respect to their situation, now they are thrown in an environment where they have to look after themselves.

Since people with ADD are typically disorganized and unstructured, a basic behavioral modification remedy for them is training through routine, habit and structure. College and attention deficit disorder becomes difficult to handle because all of a sudden it becomes the child’s responsibility to recreate that similar disciplined approach and structured lifestyle as was at home. To enact such stringent disciplinary methods for themselves and on their own becomes a very difficult task for such children.

The increased academic load also leads to difficult adjustment to college and attention deficit disorder. Not only do college-students with ADD have to cope with structuring their daily lives on their own to best suit their circumstances, they have to do so under the additional stress of academic pressure. Another aspect to college and attention deficit disorder is that the academic pressure is not further eased by the fact that the student has an inattentive, distractible and impulsive temperament. The core substance of attention deficit disorder makes it difficult for students to manage both college and attention deficit disorder. This inability to handle both college and attention deficit disorder may lead to some college-students being stressed out enough to land up having a brush with law or they may indulge in promiscuous behavior.

Organizational abilities need to be addressed as they were in high school and students should carry a digital calendar or some sort of a planner with them always as turning in assignments on time is very important. To effectively handle both college and attention deficit disorder, students with ADD should regulate their lives on similar lines as was done at home.

Attention Deficit Disorder