Colleges With Learning Disability Programs

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Many colleges with learning disability programs can be found for such students and one can even assign for higher degrees through the colleges. There are lots of options for individuals suffering from learning disorders to go through a proper college academic career through course plan of premiere institutes. If you want to enroll your child in such a college, you should have a look at the overall curriculum and facilities before taking the decision of enrollment. Here are some of the best institutions geared to help such individuals thrive in their education:

Landmark College:

It is one of the most prominent colleges with learning disability programs that even have international studying options built for its students. The college is a one of a kind endeavor to help challenged individuals succeed in their fields of interest. A lot of liberal arts course are available and each student is given proper attention by the professors on an individual basis. Another unique feature of Landmark is its ability to help students out using laptops with assistive technology, an idea that should be represented across all colleges with learning disability programs in the country.

Arizona University:

From a standalone viewpoint, Arizona University is one of the finest educational institutions in the country. However, it also falls among colleges with learning disability programs aimed towards the motivation and success of individuals in their lives. It has a special Strategic Alternative Learning Center also known as SALT on the campus. Classes are kept in small groups to focus on each student. The students are also assigned to a learning specialist who monitors and records their progress. The prime focus of such colleges with learning disability programs is to highlight the strengths of the student and develop tools to eliminate various forms of weakness.

Curry College:

It is one of the first colleges with learning disability programs to be implemented on a large scale and features special courses and training sessions to assist students. The Program for Advancement of Learning or PAL is designed to help students out with reading, writing, comprehension and logic. They are supported from time to time and encouraged to bring out individual talents. Self advocacy skills and features like organization and time management are taught to the students for a bright future. These colleges with learning disability programs are a great help to make the lives of people a lot better.

Augsburg College:

Typical to most of the colleges with learning disability programs, Augsburg college also support special training modules for undergraduate courses of affected students. The Center for Learning and Adaptive Student Services or CLASS is a well thought out module to help students succeed in their courses. Some of the prominent services include readers and scribes in class, extended time exams, use of electronic text books under certain circumstances and speech recognition software. Apart from assistive technology, students are also taught various developmental skills that can end up being the primary objective of such colleges with learning disability programs. Proper degrees are awarded upon successful completion of the course taken by a student.

If you are unsure about which college to choose, you can visit them all and pick up special course brochures to compare and contrast the advantages of each institution. The location factor might also become important in case of colleges with learning disability programs because of parental concerns. Whatever choice you make, all of these colleges can provide a great future ahead for your child.

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