Different Learning Disabilities

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Before you start identifying a person with a specific disorder, you need to be well aware of the different learning disabilities that are present all around the world. Most people do not know that the different disorder tend to have an effect on a specific portion of the person’s mind, hindering their abilities. Here are some of the most common disorders that can be seen in an individual:

Dyslexia And Its Forms:

When it comes to sorting out different learning disabilities in a person, the first thing that would come to mind would be dyslexia, or the reading disability. It is by far the most common learning disorder that is prevalent among lots of people. An individual with this order would struggle to form connections between the words and sounds and have a general problem with oral or reading work. It can be quite a threat to the normal school curriculum of a child so people with different learning disabilities need to consider alternative options right from an early stage.

Dysgraphia And Its Forms:

Going beyond the standard class of dyslexia, there are other forms of different learning disabilities that can be seen in an individual. The main purpose of dysgraphia is to hinder any written abilities within a person. A child or adult diagnosed with the condition might have extremely poor grammar and spelling skills. The entire concept of writing might be disjointed and incomplete, lacking a proper structure. The person may want to avoid the task of writing whenever possible because of such different learning disabilities that can put a lot of obstacles along the way.

Dyscalculia And Its Forms:

Mathematical abilities are often stunted as a part of different learning disabilities that might manifest themselves within a person. The most well-known condition is known as dyscalculia that restricts the logical and cognitive functions within a person’s mind. An individual suffering from the condition cannot deal with even the simplest of math problems or the logic that is required to process them. It is important for people with different learning disabilities such as dyscalculia to try and pose alternate solutions to the problem and take the use of artificial instruments along the way.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Types:

Lots of school children tend to associate different learning disabilities with a more common word known as attention deficit disorder or ADD. It reduces the concentration span of an individual by a great margin, taking away the focus that is required for the completion of a work. In class it can lead to a person not paying attention to the course or submitting assignments full of careless mistakes. There are plenty of medications available to deal with such types of different learning disabilities so that it does not hinder the long term progress of students and adults.

It is important to know about such disorders in detail so that it becomes easy to identify potential cases and offer the right course of guidance and treatment to the patients. As long as you have enough knowledge about the different learning disabilities, you can make a significant contribution to make the lives of people around you a lot better.

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