Dyslexia Action

There are several nonprofit organizations fighting against the disorder and dyslexia action is one of the most well known names in the field. It is based in the United Kingdom and is dedicated to providing support for individuals suffering with various levels of learning difficulties. If you want to make a difference to dyslexics around the world, you could follow in the footsteps of such an organization. Here is a brief description of its workings along with project visions and goals:

History Of The Institution:

The organization known as dyslexia action started out as Dyslexia Institute in 1972, formed by Cathleen Hickey and Wendy Fisher. The Institute itself evolved from the Surrey Dyslexia Institute which had been in operation since 1968. The support services became so popular that the organization had twelve centers across UK by 1981. In 1993, it offered its own post graduate diploma for students that was recognized by Kingston University and York University. Finally, in 2006, the Dyslexia Institute merged with the Hornsby International Dyslexia Centre to form dyslexia action, as it is known today.

Current Objectives And Services:

The institution of dyslexia action has a lot of objectives and services in operation throughout the nation. There are twenty six centres, 37 outposts and 60 school units operating that provide support to dyslexic students as well has help teachers with revised curriculums. Assessment, education and e-learning tools are available for both teachers and students to work together on academic progression. Several adult oriented projects are also available that are responsible for providing employment to dyslexics at various professional fields. The services of dyslexia action have been extremely valuable in the fight against dyslexia throughout the United Kingdom.

Mission And Vision:

Organizations like the dyslexia action operate on the basis of certain guidelines principles, known as their visions for the future. The main aim is to provide personal happiness and a sense of fulfillment for every dyslexic patient and to remove the current barriers that are associated with learning. Enhanced employment opportunities and a more progressive pathway of life are other goals that are being executed through various phases. Specialist tuition services are also available for children and adults through dyslexia action courses so that they can make their mark on life without many hassles.

Special Projects In Development:

A well known body such as dyslexia action has a lot of cooperative projects that are aimed towards building a brighter future for dyslexics all around the world. Partnership for Literacy is a school oriented project that aims to use the expertise of specialist teachers in a building a model curriculum for children suffering from learning disorders. The Youth Offending Team Project (YOT) is aimed at providing long term support to youth offenders and bring them under a positive role in life. Special pupil referral programs and studies are also available across various institutions. These projects developed under dyslexia action have a major role in the benefit of dyslexics and people around them.

Every organization has a positive role to play against the disorder and knowing the workings of the organization can help you appreciate it even more. If you live in the UK and need any dyslexia related support, you can always contact dyslexia action to get the best results.

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