Dyslexia Assessment

Getting a dyslexia assessment for young children is important because dyslexia affects the lives of people having to deal with it in ways which the average person cannot even imagine it. Unless you yourself are dyslexic it is very hard to comprehend how even the smallest of things like reading a simple sentence can be a mammoth task for the affected person. But, dyslexia does not mean unintelligence or stupidity; it is merely a neurological anomaly in the brain which affects the way the brain processes information.

In school, these individuals have to put up with the ridicule of their peers, criticism of teachers and at home they are harangued by parents to ‘work hard’ or ‘don’t be lazy’! At their jobs these individuals may suffer from low self-esteem or social embarrassment because of their inability to complete certain tasks efficiently and they may live in constant fear of losing their jobs. Hence it is imperative that even if the smallest signs of dyslexia are suspected you should get a dyslexia assessment done as soon as possible, no matter what your age.

How dyslexia assessment will help you

Getting a dyslexia assessment will help you in many ways. The first way will be that all your doubts/misconceptions about your perceived ‘laziness’, ‘inefficiency’ or ‘stupidity’ will be put to rest as you will come to know conclusively whether you are a dyslexic or not. If you come to know that you do have dyslexia, it will help you cope with your situation better as the dyslexia assessment will show that there is a reason behind your difficulties in reading, writing or spelling. Learning in the conventional classroom environment is difficult for the dyslexics and for them there are special courses designed specifically to suit their needs. Once you get a dyslexia assessment done and if the result is positive your school can be informed of your condition and by law the school is expected to provide the requisite support to you. You may be taught in a different way and the course may be structured to suit your pace. You may be given extra exam time and your grading may also be done making allowances for your disorder. You may be allowed the use of such tools which may help you understand lessons better. For instance, a digital recorder can be used to record your answers since dyslexics find it difficult to write fast or correctly.

If you are an adult and have gone through your schooldays humiliated and ridiculed without being aware of your learning disorder, a dyslexia assessment even in the current time will help give you back some of your self-confidence and improve your self-esteem as you will realize that you were not slow to learn or had no brains. Many organizations offer financial support to cover training, guidance or therapy for dyslexics, so, a dyslexia assessment will be of immense value to you.

A dyslexia assessment will show your strengths as well as weaknesses and help you work on them for the betterment of your own lifestyle.

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