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Battling with dyslexia might be one of the most difficult challenges for anyone to face in their life. However, there is lots of possibility for dyslexia cure in both children and adults. You have to remember that it is more of an adaptive problem than any prescribed disease. Once you have understood the primary causes of the problem, you can undergo alternative therapy sessions to provide a long term solution for the disorder. Some of the main methods in use are:

Dore Achievement Programme:

This method of drug free dyslexia cure has become extremely popular for patients and practitioners all over the world. It is based on the assumption that basic concepts of writing and reading can be acquired through prolonged practice. Once a task is made repetitive over a period of time, it is automated inside the brain. The procedure for dyslexia cure consists of a series of intense sensory and motor exercises that is carried out twice a day. The practice continues for a year and varies from individual to individual based on their response to tests and difference in level of cerebellum functions.

Learning Breakthrough Programme:

This is another alternative solution to dyslexia cure that provides a suite of complex exercises and equipment for daily use. The program has specifically been designed to calibrate the brain and adapt it towards learning and academic progression. The kit has everything from sensory approach to integrated process organizer for the brain with the use of pendulum balls and visual motors. Target pins are provided to help patients with sequencing and logical based problems while bean bags help in the development of brain functions. A complete instructional booklet is provided along with dyslexia cure to make sure that you approach it in the right fashion.

Institute For Neuro Physical Psychology (INPP):

This is a more specialized form of training provided as a part of dyslexia cure procedures for students all over the world. The program is based on four modules which require physical presence in the institute. An extended home study guide is also available for the benefits of overseas students. Assessments are carried out on sensory motions and motor developments along with reflex stimulation and inhibition programs for various purposes. This mode of dyslexia cure has a rich history and lots of takers who sign up for their one day or one year courses.

NRSI Colored Overlays:

Sometimes, the key to proper dyslexia cure lies in the correct perception of things. The colored overlay placed upon a page can help patients identify the words with greater accuracy and precision while making the exercise of reading a lot easier. The sample kit has over twenty four color overlays for different individuals who have trouble with letters and words. It can also help with eye strains, word reversals and the tracking of letters on a page. This is just one aspect of dyslexia cure but has already proven itself to be extremely effective in terms of use and success rates.

In the end, you have to decide the right approach on your own based on the symptoms and assessment of the disorder. Once you choose the right path of dyslexia cure, you would be able to face the challenge with a lot more confidence in the future.

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