Dyslexia Schools

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When it comes to looking for options for schools for dyslexic children, you will discover that some choices do exist. Depending on what the child’s needs are according to age and the degree of disability, a range of openings for dyslexia schools are available for you to explore.

The least expensive and the most convenient option is the local school system in your area. Many of these schools have special programs for children who have learning disabilities. These programs may not be meant just for students with dyslexia and they may address many learning disabilities, but they are still a good option for many children. Often, these classes teach children learning skills that are beneficial to students with dyslexia. You may even find that these are the very skills that were missing which can help a dyslexic child to learn very effectively. These may add up to all the extra help needed by a dyslexic child.

The next dyslexia schools option is the private school. There are a large number of private schools offering boarding or day school choices to the dyslexic student. Such schools offer more direct and personalized attention because of their very low student teacher ratio. Most of these dyslexia schools cater to children who are nine years or older. Some offer instructions for the 7th to the 12th grades, and others offer only middle school instructions with the idea of sending back the students to the regular high school classes.

The greatest advantage of these dyslexia schools is that the children are in class with other children with similar disabilities. This makes for a more conducive environment as all of them feel equal to one another and so learning is easier for them.

The disadvantage of private dyslexia schools is the expense. Some financial assistance may be available, but these are limited. Because of this, private dyslexia schools may not be appropriate or possible for everybody.

There is an alternative to dyslexia schools in the shape of summer programs or special tutoring. In a large number of cases, this extra help is adequate to help most dyslexic students. You may look for private tutors through learning disability organizations or local schools.

Many private dyslexia schools offer summer programs which are much more affordable than full time private schooling. These programs can bring the advantages of the private dyslexia schools to the student but at a much lower cost, and within a shorter time frame. These may be offered as day school or residential programs. Usually, these are offered as four to six weeks’ summer programs which impart the important skills required by the children to be able to attend regular school.

There is also the option of home schooling for your dyslexic child, which has its advantages and disadvantages. The greatest plus point is less restrictions on the curriculum, and you can be more creative and imaginative and mold the curriculum around your child’s needs.

So when it comes to looking at dyslexia schools for your child, you do have some choices. You have to take your time exploring them to find out which one suits your child best.

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