Dyslexia Screening

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Testing for dyslexia is done in various phases and dyslexia screening is really one of the later resorts. Initially, a questionnaire is given which is like a checklist for the signs of dyslexia and if enough signs are present the probable dyslexic may be recommended a consultation with an educator or psychologist who will further determine whether dyslexia screening is required or the symptoms will be outgrown. In case of very young children, the advice may be to wait and watch for the child’s development before subjecting him to various tests.

Phase involving dyslexia screening

Once the initial symptoms have been analyzed, the next step is the dyslexia screening to determine whether the problem may possibly have been caused by dyslexia. A dyslexia screening test is very useful for saving time and avoiding unnecessary frustration when trying to diagnose whether a person who is struggling to learn actually has dyslexia or not. It is the first step in formulating an effective learning program for anyone having problems with learning, whether it is a child a teen or an adult. If more testing is indicated, a comprehensive test is the next phase which determines the degree of the disability and how to tackle it.

Type of dyslexia screening

These tests are usually general in nature and can be done in the administrator’s office or in school. They can even be done online at home but care must be taken to ensure that online dyslexia screening test is professionally endorsed and is not merely a prop for the website owner to market learning tools. Dyslexia screening is done as much to screen people out of the learning disabled group as it is to screen people for the disorder. This is important as it enables valuable resources to be put to use where they are most required and will provide the maximum benefits.

Dyslexia screening can be just a questionnaire pertaining to the signs of dyslexia or computer games with such challenges in which the dyslexic person normally struggles. Any of the dyslexia screening tests is acceptable. Different types of dyslexia screening tests are recommended for different age groups. While children may enjoy the computer games requiring to test their skills, teens or adults may not enjoy them so much. Children may do poorly on written tests with or without the probable symptoms of dyslexia. Certain tests are appropriate for certain age groups while other dyslexia screening tests are more suitable for other age groups.

Benefit of the dyslexia screening test

A major benefit of the dyslexia screening test is to avoid the more complicated comprehensive test. Comprehensive tests are more expensive and laborious and can require several testing sessions (sometimes as many as twelve) before a conclusion can be drawn. It also creates unnecessary stress for the person being tested.

A dyslexia screening test is thus an important first step and a useful tool in determining if a person is dyslexic or not and if any further tests are required.

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